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Chris Ford: Anzac Day - lest we forget those who do not fit the ideal

Anzac Day 2015 has been and gone. The centennial Anzac Day has been full of the usual bonhomie about lest not forgetting the sacrifice of our soldiers abroad over the last century. Of course, they should be remembered, it goes without saying.

Golf: A Pressing Matter for McIlroy?

“Forget about the difference in their putting, did Rory McIlroy bow to Jordan Spieth at the Masters because of the same mistake he made in the Open at St Andrews five years ago, pressing too hard too soon?”

Fighting the Dog Meat Trade

Fighting the Dog Meat Trade

Obscene atrocities happen in our world every day. Beheadings, bombing, genocide, massacres – etc. As we typically plod along with our heads in the sand, it always interests me to know - what is the limit of what we’ll tolerate?

Golf: The Man Who Can Putt

“McIlroy, in contrast, totalled 86 feet, 71 feet, 101 feet and 82 feet of putts. In other words, he holed 340 feet worth of putts compared to 410 feet for Spieth”

Golf: The Good and Bad About The Masters

“No course is ever presented more immaculately than Augusta National. Everything – tees, fairways, greens, bunkers and ponds – are pristine; nothing has even a hair out of place. And the flowers always look nice, if you’re into horticulture more than golf.”

"Who will fight for us now?" Also known as Another 'Save Campbell Live' Blog

The potential axing of Campbell Live has been the hot topic of conversation with family and friends this week, and in the blogosphere.

Golf: Tiger’s Coach Calls Trevino

“I was in the Best Buy parking lot in Palm Springs this February and my cell phone rang and it was Chris,” Trevino said. “He wanted to know about chipping and how you teach it.”

We’ve received an S.O.S. call from another planet

We’ve received an S.O.S. call from another planet

This weekend we observe Easter. The dark days are over. Spring is here. Jesus offers hope. Throw in a fertile rabbit and some promising new eggs. Dip everything in chocolate. We can begin again. We can forgive. The phoenix rises from the ashes and so too, can we. If someone was to make an S.O.S.

Golf: Lydia Ko On Song

“As she made her way around Mission Hills for her first practice round at the ANA Inspiration, swing coach David Leadbetter heard a peculiar sound from his teenage pupil…She was humming a children's song.”