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Golf: Trevino Talking Tough About Top Guns

"But don't blame Watson; don't blame anyone else about it. If there is any blame to go around, the top four guys have got to take a long look at themselves."

Chris Ford: Why I Am Michael Brown and Eric Garner: why American racism and law enforcement go together

The recent spate of deaths of black men and boys at the hands of white American police officers reminds me of one thing: that racism and American law enforcement often go together.

Golf: Tiger Yips or Chip-N-Dips?

"Chunks Duffs and Dips. Does Tiger have the Chipping Yips?"

Golf: Grant Waite's Link with Chris Como

"He (Grant Waite) has a coaching business with partner Chris Como, a research bio-mechanist, who waited until after Waite got through Q School before announcing he was Tiger Woods' new swing coach."

Chris Ford: New anti-terrorism laws are un-necessary

The Government's Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill is really un-necessary.

Golf: A Head's Up on Hogan Smoking

"His (Hogan) smoking habit is fortunate for us, because his cigarette points where he is looking throughout his swing.  The cigarette acts as a marker for where his eyes are pointing, providing insight to us that we wouldn't otherwise have."

Chris Ford: Dirty Politics: Like Watergate a slow burning issue

Today, National MP Jamie-Lee Ross (a member of the Collins/Slater faction) came out on TV3 and said that New Zealanders weren't interested in John Key's and Cameron Slater's text message exchanges this week.

Golf: Lydia Ko - Calm Under Pressure

“This is a pretty special moment,” she (Lydia) said. “You know, my dad came on the weekend. He was able to be here. David (Leadbetter) was here all week…"

Chris Ford: Ebola - one more sign of environmental catastrophe

This week the world learned the link between the spread of Ebola and climate change.

Chris Ford: Andrew Little - just a little jump to the Right?

Chris Ford: Andrew Little - just a little jump to the Right?

Labour's leadership election is finally over with the winner being Andrew Little. I just wonder though, with Little's election, as to whether (in the immortal words of the Rocky Horror Picture Show) Labour has taken a slight jump to the Right?