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Golf: Guts and Putts

“Guts and putts – they still get it done,” writes James Corrigan who headlines his article,
“Diminutive Zach Johnson's Open win is a triumph for golf and its short hitters.”

The long and short of it

Labour's message to the Chinese

By Aaron Lim

The Labour Party’s message to the Chinese people is clear. We are not racist. We just don’t want people with Chinese sounding names voting for Labour.

Golf: St Andrews Shockingly Soft

“Tiger Woods has said he was “shocked” by the condition of the Old Course at St Andrews as he arrived in Scotland to prepare for the 144th Open ­Championship.” So reads the opening remarks in The Scotsman.

Chris Ford: The Government's climate change target - flooding and other disasters aren't conditional, Mr Groser!

I can't help but express my strong disappointment in Climate Change Minister Tim Groser's declaration that New Zealand will take a highly 'conditional' position of advocating for an 11 percent cut in total carbon emissions based on 1990 levels at the Paris Climate Change talks in December

Chris Ford: The Greek debt crisis: why Syriza must exit the euro and not give into the Troika's 'economy scream' strategy

In 1970, after the election in Chile of Salvador Allende, the first Marxist to be democratically elected to the leadership of any Western nation, then US president Richard Nixon wrote an infamous note which outlined the US's plans to eliminate what it saw as a new Cu

Golf: Steve Williams Comes Out of Retirement

“Either Steve Williams is just helping out a friend in need, or maybe he isn't so committed to retirement after all.”

Golf: Great Scot

‘No one in the field at Chambers Bay made more birdies than the Scot’s 18. Not Jordan Spieth. Not Dustin Johnson. Not Rory McIlroy,’ writes John Huggan who’s reporting on the recent U.S. Open and Scotsman Jimmy Gunn’s performance. 

Chris Ford: The Colin Craig saga: Why do the Right's other parties hate the Conservatives?

It seems that Colin Craig's Conservative Party - and Craig himself - are coming apart over his 'inappropriate' behaviour plus other internal party frictions.

Chris Ford: FIFA and its scandals

Once upon a time corruption within sport was seldom heard of. Players and athletes went out onto sports fields and competed for the pure love of sport and the glory of representing their club or nation.

Golf: Angst About Augusta National

‘Ryan (Shane Ryan) rips into Augusta National, likening the operation to North Korea, and basically writes what a fair number of journalists have wanted to say, but for fear of being banned from covering the Masters again, no one — except Ryan — would dare put it into print.&rsq