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Nuclear Weapons in the "wrong hands"?

Nuclear Weapons in the "wrong hands"?

Recent propaganda from Isis has claimed that they could obtain nuclear weapons within the year.

Golf: McIlroy Murders Quail Hollow

“Golf is a complicated game, as any duffer can attest, but McIlroy made it look simple. Hit a 350-yard drive, pitch onto the green and make a bunch of putts. How easy is that?”
Scott Fowler is covering Rory McIlroy’s easy win at Quail Hollow

Golf: Fowler’s Famous Four

“The Californian played the closing six holes in the same number under par and became the first golfer in Players history to finish birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie…”

Ask the NZ Government to end Child Poverty in 2015 Budget

Ask the NZ Government to end Child Poverty in 2015 Budget

New Zealand has a shit OECD ranking for child well-being. We're ranked above Mexico and Turkey. That's it. Out of all the developed countries in the world, we're the most deeply affected by growing income inequality.

Chris Ford: The UK election result - a shocking night for the English left but not for the Scottish or Welsh left

Yesterday, I took some time off work to watch the United Kingdom election results. When I saw the first exit poll, which confounded all previous polls, my heart sank. I realised (as few did) that the exit poll probably was closer to the actual result.

Golf: Bubba Highly Overrated

“Fowler, Poulter voted most overrated by anonymous peer vote,” writes Ray Ballengee who’s reporting on Coleman McDowell’s post which reveals that Bubba Watson comes in third as the most overrated player in the professional ranks.

Support from Medical Workers and Students Needed

Support from Medical Workers and Students Needed

Working as a medic in a warzone could be considered “pushing shit uphill” when your own government is actively trying to kill you, along with everyone else*.

Golf: Dayzed

“It was so small, and I didn’t give him a two-footer,” said Day. “He turned around and it wasn’t the first time, it was like two or three times I didn’t give him a short putt. He turned around and he was getting angry.

Golf: Turnberry - Time For A Change

“Like America’s Pebble Beach, Turnberry is – or has been until now – enormously overrated as a golf course.” – This from Scotsman John Huggan who reports on a course which is the last on my bucket list of must-play golf courses in Scotland.