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Golf: Tiger’s Not So Fatal Flaw

“I told this to a few people - I’ve taught over 200 touring pros, and the worst player at taking it from the driving range to the golf course that I ever coached was Tiger Woods.”
That’s from Hank Haney reflecting on the time he coached Tiger Woods.

Golf: Jordan Spieth’s Cliffhanger From Up High

‘'He (his caddie) Tried To Talk Me Out Of It Three Times' - Spieth Explains That Cliffhanger Shot’.

Golf: 'Obnoxious greed'

‘There are other examples of what Mickelson clearly sees as golf’s equivalent of “intellectual property.” During the 2010 Masters, he famously hit a shot from the pine straw to the 13th green at Augusta National.

Golf: Royal Dornoch Fully Booked All Year

This is for those people optimistically planning a trip to Scotland and in particular Royal Dornoch.
The bunkered magazine headline reads, “Want to play Royal Dornoch this year? Forget about it...’

Golf: Death of ‘The Grand Old Lady’?

According to Wikipedia, “The Old Course at St Andrews, also known as the Old Lady or the Grand Old Lady.” and was referred to the other day by Colin Montgomerie who suggested she’s most likely dead as a future venue for the Open Championship.

Golf: Tiger Talk

‘Could Tiger be just as effective without his usual length?’ Asks Gianni Magliocco at the WRX Forum

Golf: Listen Up Charlie

‘Son, I don’t care how mad you get. Your head could blow off for all I care just as long as you’re 100 percent committed to the next shot.’

Golf: The McIlroy/Wozniacki Gossip

At this time when I struggle to find an item of golf news worth blogging about.

Golf: What’s This About A Handkerchief?

‘Different Strokes: Bubba Watson opens up in new book
American discusses mental health issues...’

Golf: Fitzsimons Goes For Greg’s Jugular

‘The idea is for poxy and despotic regimes to put big money behind hosting and sponsoring glitzy international sports events, so that instead of the world thinking they are a poxy, despotic regime who abuse human rights, who arrest and torture dissidents and treat their own citizenr