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Golf: Some Thoughts on Slumps

“There are only two kinds of golfers in this world: those who've suffered a debilitating slump . . . and those who will sometime in their future.”

Golf: The Need for Luck on Links

 “I hate to use the word,” said Colin Montgomerie, who grew up playing at Royal Troon in Scotland, “but luck is involved, yes.” That’s from Adam Schupak’s ‘Links Golf Rewards the Good (and Lucky)’

Golf: Tommy’s Honour

“Old Course Hotel general manager Stephen Carter added: “It’s an honour for us to be involved in this.

Golf: Squeaky Clean or Something to Hide?

“According to WADA, golf carried out the fewest number of drugs tests of major sports – just 417 – in 2015.

Golf: Koepka’s Road Less Travelled

“Not that Koepka’s journey always seemed destined for success. When pressed on negative memories, his reply is a surprising one. “There was a low point,” he says.

Golf: Erin Hills - “Funky” or a Farce?

“Matt Fitzpatrick played the course (Erin Hills) a few years ago while attending college a couple of hours away at Northwestern University in Chicago. ‘I can’t remember a lot about it but it did seem a bit funky,’ he said,” writes Derek Lawrenson

5 Reasons to watch Wonder Woman

If you're wavering about whether to see Wonder Woman, who are you and have you been planning some nefarious villainy on a planet far, far away?

Golf: Moving Forward Through Failure?

‘Failure ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be,’ was Ken’s comment in his monthly golf journal which I hesitate to advise is called Men’s Golf because women readers may get the wrong idea about Ken and the purpose of his journal.

Golf: Dornoch - Dear Oh Dear!

“Dear oh dear. What next - reducing football pitches to 50 yards to make the game more appealing to women!” That’s from Frankie Fromage commenting on The Scotsman article, “New tees shrink the links at Royal Dornoch Golf Course”.

What's with the 'Girls Only' signs, New World?

There is a certai