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Golf: Tiger Woods' Withdrawal and Why

“When Woods announced Monday he was backing out of his entry into this week's Safeway Open, he said it was because of non-specific "vulnerabilities" in his game.” That’s from Matthew Rudy whose sub-heading reads, “It could be rust, nerves, physical issues or even

Golf: Ryder Cup – Rose Was Right

"I thought the set-up was incredibly weak… It was very much a pro-am feel in terms of the pin placements. They were all middle of the green,” said Justin Rose as quoted on BBC Sports.

Why such good putting?

NO GOLF GOFF – Why Phil Won't Talk To Us!

“In 2015 by a one vote majority, the Albert-Eden Board voted to carve up Chamberlain Park,” and the news came to me as I enjoyed a pint with a few golf mates in a pub just down the road from the Chamberlain Park Golf Course.

Golf: Arnold Palmer - The Triumph of a Life Well-Lived

“Palmer was James Dean in golf spikes back then. He had that rebel spirit over the ball, a go-for-broke style that made viewers lean into their TV sets.”
That’s from Randell Mell reporting on the death of the "King,” aka Arnold Palmer.

Golf: Ryder Cup Preview

“To Lehman, who played on three Ryder Cup teams and served as Captain in 2006, “the par-5s seem to be the keys nearly every time with the U.S. Doing some research, we’ve figured out that the times we’ve gotten beat, we’ve gotten spanked on the par-5s.”

Golf: Too Tough And Tortuous

“Over more than 40 years, our perception of what golf is all about has changed. How has golf turned into this torture thing?”

Golf: The Putter Or The Person Putting?

“It's definitely not the finished article, but it's a big step in the right direction,” said McIlroy, who began the day six strokes off the lead.

Golf Is Not Fun Or For The Faint Hearted

“Golf is not “fun” in the traditional sense of the word. Golf is hard; it starts hard and stays that way. Fun is ice cream, sunny days and symphonies. Golf, on the other hand says, “Here I am, you sap. Do you have what it takes?”

Golf: Silly Rules and The Status of Saliva

“Bodenhamer (John Bodenhamer, the USGA’s head of rules) said the USGA receives about 8,000 phone calls per year from people with rules questions, 10 or 15 of which have never been asked before.”

Golf: Illicit Encounters of the Male Kind

“Golf is the No.1 excuse for unfaithful husbands,” so writes Edward Colman at Todays Golfer.

Golf – The cover story