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5 Reasons to watch Wonder Woman

If you're wavering about whether to see Wonder Woman, who are you and have you been planning some nefarious villainy on a planet far, far away?

Golf: Moving Forward Through Failure?

‘Failure ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be,’ was Ken’s comment in his monthly golf journal which I hesitate to advise is called Men’s Golf because women readers may get the wrong idea about Ken and the purpose of his journal.

Golf: Dornoch - Dear Oh Dear!

“Dear oh dear. What next - reducing football pitches to 50 yards to make the game more appealing to women!” That’s from Frankie Fromage commenting on The Scotsman article, “New tees shrink the links at Royal Dornoch Golf Course”.

What's with the 'Girls Only' signs, New World?

There is a certai

Golf: Peed Off

 “Northwestern’s Sarah Cho and Kent State’s Kelly Nielsen, playing in the same group, both received a two-shot penalty Sunday at the NCAA Championship.

Golf: A Tribal Leisure Activity For the Successful

“Golf is a tribal leisure activity that can get you further up the career ladder faster than working hard,” underlines a photograph of golfers in Arwa Mahdawi’s article in The Guardian, “How to get ahead without hard work: golf, drinking, nepotism and dumb luck&rd

GolfSixies – The Verdict

“Everyone, of course, is entitled to their opinion, but I believe the sceptics have got it wrong on this one,” writes Martin Dempster with his thoughts on the recent GolfSixes event.

Should’ve been there?

GolfSixies a Stupid Idea?

“This weekend, golf’s latest attempt to retain relevance in an ever-changing landscape where many fear the sport is being left behind will resonate over two days at the Centurion in St Albans,” writes Ewan Murray regarding this week’s GolfSixes tournament.

Golf: Scotland – Some Thoughts On "Must Visit" Golf Courses

“Conducted by national tourism agency VisitScotland, the survey also found the famous “road hole” 17th at St Andrews was the best par four hole.” That’s from Brian Ferguson at The Scotsman reporting on, “a poll of around 3000 players.”

Golf: Catriona Matthew – The Perfect Candidate for Muirfield Membership

“In (Catriona) Matthew, who is not only one of the most decorated women golfers in Britain but also an East Lothian resident – she has lived in North Berwick all her life, in fact – the club has a perfect candidate on its doorstep and, by the looks of things, the 47-year-old cou