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Technology is great. Right? Sure, why not. My life is a convergence of mobile phone, laptop, TV, DVD player, camera, Xbox, VCR (yes, I still love my VCR) and stereo. Internet is a great tool and best friend to many.

ACTing on Energy Issues

In a World flooded by people claiming that climate change is the harbinger of doom for all of us, that we have abused our planet to such an extent that its own fails safe devices will fail and that there is such blatant evidence all indicating this tragedy Rodney Hide is here to point out our folly in believing such nonsense. He is or voice of reason in a world gone crazy and we should really thank him for helping Key to make such positive decisions as the Thermal Energy Repeal. He strides across the open chasms of ignorance lays his flaming torch of truth and honour at the feet of the evil titans of deceit.

Battle Against the Recession

The Recession Demon: A gigantic beast. Living atop of its mountain of debt, presinding over the world on a throne paper-mached from bounced checks inside its castle made from the discarded popsicle sticks of our youth, it glares down upon us.

Is Anyone Out There Worrying About Jesus?

The Christmas period is upon us which means a month or so of drinking, spending, partying, putting up with family and generally being silly.

New Zealand’s Undervalued Impact on Motorsport

Brendon Hartley looks like your average teenager with his floppy blonde hair.

DVD Review - The Piano

16th December 2008 - Now for a review of a real New Zealand classic of a film ‘The Piano' which was written and directed by Jane Campion.

The Price of Paradise

Do you save up and buy a house or spend the money on world travel?

The New Squid on the Block

Ban Everything

I'm rather surprised that people are still trying to ban junk food advertising during children's TV programming to curtail childhood obesity. Advertising junk food during those times is not a new thing as when I was a kid I was barraged with the same ads.

Through The Eyes Of Gen Y

If you're reading this at work then no doubt you were born in the 80's or 90's. This means you are Generation Y.  You're a slacker who spends all your time online, your arrogant and condescending to your elders at work and are generally out for yourself.