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DVD Review - Band Of Brothers

DVD Review - Band Of Brothers

 Well I’m back after a three week xmas and new years brake and I thought I would review a TV series that we watched while we were away at the beach. Now this is the third time I’ve watched this series and it hasn’t lost any of its impact.

My Mussels Ain’t From Brussels!

I recently read a fantastic book by American author, Taras Grescoe called Bottom Feeder; How To Eat Ethically In A World Of Vanishing Seafood. It worried me to say the least, and though I don’t wish anyone any undue stress I suggest everyone dips into the pages of this book and picks up some sage wisdom. It outlines, as the title suggests, a world in which we have ravaged our oceans to their very limits, and beyond in some cases. It describes the collapses of various fisheries and the areas in the ocean aptly named dead zones. Grescoe details ways in which we can be more informed and ethical in our munching on the bounties of the seas.

How to be Cool

Video games have been called a lot of things -- addictive, corrupting, stimulating, distracting -- but of all the allegations and accolades leveled at gaming culture cool has never been among them.

Biofuel makes Aviation Debut

The World’s first commercial aviation test flight was a resounding success according to Dave Morgan, Chief Pilot for Air New Zealand.

In a two hour test flight, one of the 747’s engines was powered by a 50/50 blend of standard fuel with synthetic fuel made from the oil of jatropha plant seeds. This test of a second generation biofuel follows the testing of a Virgin Atlantic flight last year, which utilised coconut and babassu oil instead. This test flight was a joint venture involving Air New Zealand, Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Honeywell Company UOP, with support from Terasol Energy and according to the Chief Executive of Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe; it was a significant milestone toward a more environmentally sustainable company. Thanks to this test however, it is a milestone for more than just the company. With corporate entities not only acknowledging the alternatives to fossil fuels but actually attempting to use them commercially, this is a significant step for the planet toward a more sustainable future.

Get Out!

If you've ever been unemployed then chances are you'll know what I mean when I say this: unemployment makes me want to gouge my eyes out with blunt red-hot knives so I don't have to watch Oprah, Ellen or The View.  Its bad enough that TV doesn't cater to the unemployed let alone the fact that money

Today's the Day

Where I come from New Year's Eve is called Silvester. The man died on December 31 and wasn't a forest dweller but a pope.

Celebrity – Why Do People Care?

Paris Hilton arrived in Australia for a New Years Eve party and the media went crazy, following her every move as the public lapped it up. But what accounts for this interest and worship of someone whose fame is not based on any talent? Why do we care?

Whaling Violations Ignored by the Government

New Zealand is no longer backing international law. It has stepped down and allows international criminals to exploit it’s resources. This is the only answer, however drastic it sounds to the total lack of response to the Japanese whaling fleet within our waters hunting whales in an internationally protected sanctuary.

The whaling fleet is breaking international conservation law within the principles of the United Nations World Charter for Nature, yet no-one except a conservation charity have taken action. The Steve Irwin, the flagship for Sea Shepherd is confronting the fleet as it did last year and despite having been met with gun fire and other physical attacks in previous attempts to halt whaling, they persist. The brave crew of 40 have tackled the extreme weather conditions to halt the ships with a barrage of stinky substances and even a minor collision.

Nutritional Secrets You Should Know

Think of your supermarket as a natural pharmacy. Certain foods have amazing medicinal and health benefits that have been utilized for hundreds and thousands of years. From the rainforest to Pak’n’Save, access to complete nutrition is just a shopping list away.

Pogging Out On Icecream

For my birthday I got six of these thick ice cream cups with wavy edges. They started to look dusty in my cupboard so I got them out today. I usually scream at paying $10 or $12 a pop in an icecream parlour. Sure - if they make their own and use good-quality ingredients it might be worth it.