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The New Squid on the Block

Ban Everything

I'm rather surprised that people are still trying to ban junk food advertising during children's TV programming to curtail childhood obesity. Advertising junk food during those times is not a new thing as when I was a kid I was barraged with the same ads.

Through The Eyes Of Gen Y

If you're reading this at work then no doubt you were born in the 80's or 90's. This means you are Generation Y.  You're a slacker who spends all your time online, your arrogant and condescending to your elders at work and are generally out for yourself.

Further Disgrace for Aetorea at Poznan

In a big step forward, the conference at Poznan have agreed terms in which to rewa

DVD Review: The Dark Knight's Legend Grows

As the DVD release of “The Dark Knight” hits stores this week, it was recently announced that the epic will be re-released in cinemas in the USA early next year as it fast approaches grossing a mammoth $1 billion worldwide. It is an accolade worthy of a masterpiece.  

Burma for a day

In the good old days, Kiwi's received a 90 day visa on arrival in Thailand. While all the other nationalities had to either apply (and pay) before they came or do visa runs once a month, the Kiwi's sat back on the beach.

Hide in Full View With his Empty Rhetoric

On Sunday, Rodney Hide gave a speech to his ACT supporters, ACT Asian Chapter to be precise, at their BBQ in

DVD Review - Out of the Blue

‘Out of the Blue’ is a film I’ve been meaning to see for a long time but I just never got around to it.

Greenpeace Raise the Temperature at Poznan

Greenpeace have finally got their team to Poznan to spread their message to the repr

How low can John Key go?

Someone to believe in...

New Zealanders have elected a new Prime Minister. John Key is our chosen man - or “The Chosen One” if you like (…assuming you voted and he didn‘t weasel in through bribes, lies, and various “favours”.