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Golf Awaits A New “King”

“Isn’t it time that someone emerged from the shadows to fill his shoes?

Golf:DeChambeau’s ‘Heady’ Stuff

“Using his travel-sized Neuropeak Pro brain-training unit, DeChambeau pops in the DVD, then attaches a gold-plated silver EEG sensor to his head.

Golf: Swing Like Sergio And Other Tips

“I’d argue that trying to apply the principles evident in Sergio’s swing is better for the average golfer than trying to swing like Bryson DeChambeau,“ says Dr. Sasho MacKenzie interviewed by Luke Kerr-Dineen

Golf: Chipping - “What Works, Works”

“When I (Butch Harmon) do come across players who have fallen in love with one club, I let them stick with it, because I see it working for one of the best short-game players (Jimmy Walker) in the game. It goes to show you, there is no textbook. What works, works." 

Golf: “My Arse It Is Bad Luck!”

“This is the worse rule in golf that doesn't exist.
You hit a great drive and end up centre of fairway in a divot ..... fair ??? My arse.its bad luck. Needs changing.”

Golf: Tiger’s Tight-Fistedness and Other Topics

And the answer is, “Table for one because Tiger would probably stick me with the check.”
And the question raised by Alan Shipnuck during his “Anonymous European Pro Survey,” was who would you rather have dinner with Tiger or Phil?

Golf: Enjoy The Bombs

“Look, I’m not saying they don’t have a point (The golf ball going too far). But it’s a little like complaining about how the Internet has destroyed society in 2019—you’re absolutely right, but you’re also years and years too late.

Golf: Putting Is Like Life

“You don’t have to be perfect, but you can’t do any of the important things badly. My advice? Believe in yourself. Becoming a great putter isn’t easy, but it’s possible (Phil Mickelson, at age 48, is enjoying the finest putting season in his career).

Golf: Stories From The Q-School

“Sunday’s final stage of tour Q-School brought with it the reminder that at the margins of professional golf, the line between triumph and failure is razor-thin. Here are some of the Sunday stories from each side of that line.” That’s from Dylan Dethier

Golf’s Answer To The Kardashians

“Phil and Tiger trying to be Kardashians.