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Chris Ford: Tony Abbott's fate might be sealed

This afternoon former Liberal Party leader and opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull appeared to be inching closer to declaring his candidacy for tommorrow's leadership spill in Canberra.

Chris Ford: Tony Abbot and the Duke's knighthood - why did Key get away with doing this when Abbott didn't?

This week Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott knighted Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, for his services as the consort of the Monarch of Australia.

Chris Ford: Eleanor Catton - contracted out Muldoonism is it National?

I salute fellow Green supporter and one of this country's finest authors, Eleanor Catton, for her comments criticising the neo-liberal, profit obsessed policies of the John Key National Government.

Chris Ford: Syriza win in Greece - close similarities with First Labour Govt in NZ

On Monday morning, I pumped my fist in the air at the news that Syriza had won in Greece. After two failed attempts (caused by a massive scaremongering campaign waged by the Greek and European elites) the Greek people overcame fear and elected hope.

Chris Ford: A tribute to Green Co-Leader Russel Norman

I want to briefly pay tribute to Green Co-Leader Russel Norman who in a shock announcement yesterday announced his intention to stand down at the Greens AGM in late May.

Chris Ford: Islamophobic hatred should not flow following Charlie Hebdo shooting

As a blogger and writer, I join many millions of people around the world in condemning the shocking, violent murder of 12 journalists at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris this morning.

Chris Ford: Grand Old Duke of York Andrew in trouble again

The old nursery rhyme 'The Grand Old Duke of York' recounts how an early Duke of York, Prince Frederick, led a disastrous military campaign in the early 19th century against another European army.

Chris Ford: Year in Review 2014

Here's my review of the year just done and dusted, 2014. Many commentators and journos have already assessed it as being a pretty dark year overall.

Chris Ford: Why I Am Michael Brown and Eric Garner: why American racism and law enforcement go together

The recent spate of deaths of black men and boys at the hands of white American police officers reminds me of one thing: that racism and American law enforcement often go together.

Chris Ford: New anti-terrorism laws are un-necessary

The Government's Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill is really un-necessary.