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Chris Ford: Asteroids going boom: did we get the date of the Apocalypse wrong??

The huge asteroid explosion over Russia on Friday night heralded for some frightened Russians the coming of the Apocalypse.

Chris Ford: Let's ban Richard Prosser and Islamophobes from aircraft!

 Let's ban Richard Prosser and other Islamophobes from air flights!

This comment is ridiculous, xenophobic, and racist on many counts:

Chris Ford: Papal resignation - chance for Catholic Church to change??

 I'm as stunned as anybody by the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI overnight.

Chris Ford: Free market to blame for growth in sporting corruption

The Australian Government inquiry into sporting corruption has unearthed a can of worms that may be difficult to close. I blame the free marketisation of sport over the last 20 years for the growth of sporting corruption.

Chris Ford: A living wage is the only way to go!

 A living wage is the only way to go!

Chris Ford: The Australian/New Zealand leaders summit: unwanted refugees for unwanted debt collectors

Over the weekend, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key agreed a sweetheart deal - unwanted refugees for unwanted debt collectors.

Chris Ford: Three years is enough, thanks!

 Hey, John Key, David Shearer, et al, three years is enough!

Chris Ford: National will make hay out of unemployment figures but reality is far different

 National will make hay out of the new unemployment figures released today showing that unemployment has dropped by 0.4 percent on last quarter's figures.

Chris Ford: The economy becomes more unbalanced - free market silliness must end!

I used to spend time in the historic South Island town of Oamaru when my parents lived there. It's wonderful heritage buildings, coastal views and small town friendliness endeared me to it, even though I was not born there.

Chris Ford: Novopay has had it's day - and why did National sign off on it?

Chris Ford: Novopay has had it's day - and why did National sign off on it?

Novopay has had it's day!

Government should not review the need to get rid of it - this failed system needs to be scrapped now!