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Chris Ford: It's holiday time - but some employers won't have it!

At the moment New Zealand and Australia are experiencing a very rare week - one in which there will only be three official working days. The Easter/Anzac Week 'hiatus' (for want of a better term) is one of those in a blue moon events that makes many hard working Kiwis happy.

Chris Ford: Will, Kate and George gives us opportunity to discuss the monarchy's relevance

This week's royal visit involving Will, Kate and George (or to you and me the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge) gives me and others of a republican bent an opportunity to discuss the monarchy's relevance to New Zealand in the 21st Century.

Chris Ford: The tragedy of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 - will we ever know what happened?

Today, hundreds of family members whose loved ones boarded Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 at Kuala Lampur for Beijing on March 1 heard confirmation of what they had been dreading all along - that 239 of their nearest and dearest family members and friends had perished off the face of our planet

Chris Ford: The Ukraine Crisis - a bunch of thugs facing off another bunch of thugs

The Ukraine Crisis, in my view, is one bunch of thugs (the new Ukrainian Government) facing off against another bunch of thugs (Vladimir Putin's Russia).

While this may sound to some an overly simplistic statement, let me expand a little.

Chris Ford: Otago University and its backing of the Highlanders - another sign of free market priorities in tertiary education

I am disappointed by the decision of my old alma mater - the University of Otago - to sponsor the Otago Highlanders Super 15 rugby side.

Chris Ford: Labour selling itself short - and even doing it badly!

First off, before I begin, I naturally wish to applaud the Green Party's and Labour's policies aimed at easing child poverty which have been released over the last two days.

Chris Ford: Congrats for the Grammy Lorde!

Chris Ford: Congrats for the Grammy Lorde!

Congratulations Lorde! A great day at the Grammys for New Zealand.

Chris Ford: The disaster of the Dotcom Party launch and what of Martyn Bradbury?

I'm no fan of Whale Oil but yesterday he latched onto a doozy of a story with revelations that Martyn Bradbury was touting himself as a consultant/strategist for the fledgling Dotcom Party.

Chris Ford: For what it's worth here are my predictions for 2014

Happy New Year dear readers!

For what it's worth, here are my predictions for 2014:

Chris Ford: This Was the Year That Was - 2013

It's that time of year again when both social and traditional media do their end of year story wraps.