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Chris Ford: The Roast Busters Fall Out: Willie and John - you're gone and I'm so glad you are!

Willie Jackson and John Tamihere - I'm so glad you're gone!

Radio Live today finally caught up with public opinion and forced the two of them off air - until after Christmas. It took the station, though, about a week to act in any way, shape or form.

Chris Ford: Vive La Republica! Is John Key desperate for a Prince William and Prince Kate royal visit?

I remember at around this time in 1981 that Rob Muldoon was pretty electorally desperate. He was facing a very difficult re-election campaign where he was hoping to secure a third term.

Chris Ford: The Roast Busters case - how competent and willing are the Police to act?

In the wake of revelations about the Roast Busters group who have allegedly engaged in illegal sex with under age girls through allegedly stupefying and then raping them, I agree with others across the political spectrum who are asking one question - why have the New Zealand Police have taken so

Chris Ford: John Key and the General Election date - bets on November 8, 2014 anyone??

The biggest political game in town has begun - when will the 2014 General Election be held?

Today, John Key gave his biggest hint yet - late next year sometime.

Chris Ford: Spies like US

In the 1980s, I remember a certain film starring comedian Chevy Chase called Spies like Us!

Chris Ford: John Banks and ACT are finished regardless of court case outcome

I am currently listening to the parliamentary debate on John Banks resignation yesterday. This followed his appearance in court where he was informed that he was to stand trial over electoral donation offence allegations.

Chris Ford: Apologies for error in Len Brown blog

An early version of my Len Brown blog made an incorrect reference to the background of John Slater (father of Cameron Slater).  The error has been removed.

Chris Ford: Len Brown's affair - is the right targeting him?

Chris Ford: Len Brown's affair - is the right targeting him?

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has confessed all following his affair which was conducted with Auckland woman Bevan Chaung.

Chris Ford: Local elections 2013 - the Green/Red tide is coming in

The Green/Red tide began to come in if the results of this year's local government elections are any guide.

Chris Ford: US Government shut down: will the US Congress experience a Syria moment?

It's tempting to compare the two most serious crises that the US Government has faced this year, one which could have generated a Middle East wide war and the other (still possible) a global economic cataclysm that could rival or even exceed that generated by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.<