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Unemployed Bludger Myth Gets Challenged

This week nearly 2500 people lined up outside the doors of Countdown's new supermarket in Manukau, South Auckland to apply for 150 jobs. What this fact should illustrate is that there are very few, if any, dole bludgers out there.

Kabul Attacks Signals Beginning of Taliban Tet Style Offensive

Kabul Attacks Signals Beginning of Taliban Tet Style Offensive

This week's Taliban attacks on the Afghan capital Kabul (which our Special Air Services were involved in repelling) signal the possible beginning of a Tet-style offensive by the Taliban.

Three Strikes Law Is Really Problematic

The three strikes law as proposed by National is really problematic. It will not deal to the most violent repeat offenders and nor will it deter ongoing violent crime.

Tax Reform Proposals Skewed Towards Richest New Zealanders

Tax Reform Proposals Skewed Towards Richest New Zealanders

The tax reform proposals put forward by the Government's Tax Working Group will, if adopted, tilt the tax system more in favour of wealthier New Zealanders.

I Agree - It's Time For A Republic!

I agree with today's protest held to coincide with Prince William's opening of the new Supreme Court building in Wellington.

Is US Haiti Rescue Mission An Invasion Or A Humanitarian Mission?

The tragedy that has befallen the Haitian people following Monday's earthquake is truly shocking. Images of people starving, injured and dead in the streets of Port-au-Prince have stunned the world.

Will Robots Replace Humans And Domestic Animals For Company?

I have just read David Silversmith's take on the recent introduction to the world of TrueCompanion - the world's first sex robot doll.

Let's Say No To More Tax Cuts From National

John Key has laid down that one of National's top priorities for 2010 is to consider re-introducing last year's deferred tax cuts.

I Happen To Agree With Michael Laws On Something - Let's Do Something About Name Suppression

Today, I happen to agree with Michael Laws on something - that our name suppression laws are ridiculous as they have (yet again) placed innocent people under suspicion.

New Delhi Commonwealth Games Looking To Be A Disaster - Cancel Them!

This year's Commonwealth Games in India look headed for disaster. Fears of terrorism, bad food and unfinished venues are just some of the reasons why Aussie and English athletes are having second thoughts about attending.