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Murray McCully Don't Be A Wimp - Take On The Japanese Whalers!

Murray McCully shouldn't be so much of a wimp.

Protesters Should Confront Israeli Tennis Player's Presence In New Zealand

I support the actions of Global Peace and Justice Auckland in protesting the appearance of Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer at the ASB Tennis Open.

Eating Dogs Not A Great Idea

The decision by the SPCA to not prosecute Tongan man Paea Taufa is not a good call.

Aussie Politics - Dirtier Than Kiwi Politics!

Over the last few weeks of my stay here in Australia, I have been able to assess the political temperature on the ground here. This year will see a federal (national) election and several state elections.

A Political Review of the Noughties

Tonight (December 31st) not only marks the end of 2009 but also the first decade of the new century/millennium.

The New Year's Gongs - Time To Do Away With Sirs And Dames (Again)

Well I would like to congratulate Sir Peter Jackson for getting a knighthood and Helen Clark for her elevation to the Order of New Zealand but as for the rest - oh dear! Here I will outline why we should do away (once again) with the concept of knights and dames.

The Year That Was - It Was All About The Economy Stupid!

Politically, the year 2009 was (to paraphrase an old Bill Clinton campaign adage) all about the economy, stupid!

Road Tolls - A Very Bad Idea

Road Tolls - A Very Bad Idea

At this silly season time of year, there is an emphasis in the media on the mundane. One of the most mundane (but still important topics) relates to all things motoring related.

Al Qaida Terror Attempt Another Sign That War On Terrorism Has Failed

On Christmas Day, the world was stunned to learn of the latest attempt to blow up a jet airliner over the US. The attempt by Nigerian national Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to detonate a liquid explosive on Northwestern Airlines flight 253 to Detroit shows that the war on terrorism is failing.

Bringing Back Tony Veitch To Radio Sport A Bad Idea

Bringing Back Tony Veitch To Radio Sport A Bad Idea

I read last week that Tony Veitch is being brought back onto the airwaves by Radio Sport next year. I believe that it's a bad idea.

I hear many of you saying 'give the man a break - he's confessed to his crime, he's been through hell, let him get his life back again!'