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Chris Ford's blog

Chris Ford: Now David Cunliffe has made it, it's time for Labour to lead the left charge to victory!

 Congratulations to David Cunliffe on his victory in the Labour leadership race today. 

Chris Ford: Russian proposal on Syrian chemical weapons very welcome

 Russia's proposal overnight to internationalise Syria's chemical weapons arsenal is a welcome one.

Chris Ford: The strange victory dance of the defeated Australian Labor Party

 Last night the scenes at Kevin Rudd's Australian Labor Party 'victory' party at the Gabba Cricket Ground in Brisbane were strangely celebratory.

Chris Ford: Aussie voters sleepwalking Tony Abbott and Coalition to victory

 It appears that Aussie voters are sleepwalking Tony Abbott and the Coalition to an easy victory on Saturday.

Chris Ford: The left's fortunes are slowly reviving!

 The left's fortunes are slowing reviving in Aotearoa.

Chris Ford: Good one UK Parliament - you did the right thing on Syria!

 Good one British Parliament - you did the right thing!

Voting not to give support or succor to the US in its plan to bomb Syria in retaliation for using chemical weapons against its own civilians was a brave act.

Chris Ford: Why I say no to US and Western intervention in Syria

 Most people who follow the news now realise the horror of the chemical weapons attack near Damascus late last week. It is also probable (but not yet firmly established) that the Syrian military were involved in perpetrating this crime against humanity.

The fall of David Shearer: a long time coming

 The fall of David Shearer has been a long time coming.

All the signs were there. 

Chris Ford: On that interview between the two John's - Campbell and Key

 I watched the interview between the two John's - Key and Campbell - belatedly online on Wednesday night after it aired on TV3.

I widely admire John Campbell as he is a left-leaning advocacy journalist - and one of the few in New Zealand.

Chris Ford: Stopping the GCSB Bill - can Peter Dunne still change his mind again?

Chris Ford: Stopping the GCSB Bill - can Peter Dunne still change his mind again?

Tomorrow night there will be a major last ditch effort to stop the GCSB Amendment Bill from going foward. This will involve the holding of a mass public meeting at the Auckland Town Hall.