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Chris Ford's blog

Chris Ford: Should Peter Dunne be New Zealand's Bradley Manning?

 Should Peter Dunne be New Zealand's Bradley Manning?

Chris Ford: Dirty deeds - Dunne dirt cheap!

 In the wake of Peter Dunne's resignation as a Cabinet minister I can't but help think of the old AC/DC classic song Dirty Deeds.

Chris Ford: The Lusk Papers and National's post-Key leadership Cold War - could it turn hot?

The Beehive's Ninth Floor struck out against Judith Collins and the National Party's Far Right faction over the weekend through the release of what have become known as the 'Lusk Papers.'

Chris Ford: The bouncing polls

 We've been treated to the latest series of opinion polls and they've been bouncing around like crazy.

Chris Ford: That Al Nisbet cartoon - "That's what they're all thinking!" - British-style welfare bashing is here!

 "That's what they're all thinking! That cartoonist guy is saying what people are afraid to say openly!"

Chris Ford: The 2013 Budget - The devil is in the detail

 Yesterday, the media trumpeted the Government's 2013 Budget as the first light at the end of the tunnel.

Chris Ford: Why did National put Aaron Gilmore on its list in the first place?

Chris Ford: Why did National put Aaron Gilmore on its list in the first place?

 I have a simple question to ask and it's this - why did the National Party put Aaron Gilmore on its list when they knew he was a plonker?

Chris Ford: The Boston Bombings - many questions arise

 This morning's terrorist actions against the Boston Marathon were horrific. 

Chris Ford: Margaret Thatcher 1925 - 2013: The Left needs its own Thatcher to counter Thatcherism

 Margaret Thatcher passed away overnight in London. Her death will be a sad one for her family, friends and former colleagues. 

Chris Ford: Having Danish right-wing MP at Maori powhiri rather like having Louis Crimp at one

 Having Danish right-wing MP Marie Krarup at a Maori powhiri has turned to be like having ACT's Louis Crimp attend one. Their reactions on race relations issues aren't far apart it seems.