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Chris Ford: North Korea has learnt from the Americans how to beat war drums

 They may not admit it, of course, but the North Koreans have effectively learnt from the Americans about how to beat a war drum.

Chris Ford: My meeting with Dame Susan Devoy in 1988 - she is conservative with a big C!

 I met Dame Susan Devoy when I was at high school back in 1988.

Chris Ford: Pope Francis I - the Vatican PR machine in overdrive!

 There's been a lot of hype around the new Pope Francis I.

Chris Ford: Are National really the low tax party?? Not come April 1!

 Last week, I got reminded that National is not the low tax party it claims to be!

Chris Ford: The Fair Play on Fees Campaign! Let's take the banks to the cleaners for taking us to them!

 Let's take the banks to the cleaners! After all they've taken many of us ordinary customers to the cleaners for too long now!

Farewell Comrade Chavez!

 Farewell Comrade Hugo Chavez!

Dead at 58. My working class maternal grandfather died at the same age as him.

I still mourn the grandfather I lost so young. The Venezuelan people no doubt will feel similarly about their late president long after today.

Chris Ford: A Tale of Two Tory Parties - New Zealand and UK

British Prime Minister David Cameron might be ringing his good buddy John Key for advice more often these days. Why? Because the British and New Zealand Tories are enjoying contrasting fortunes whilst implementing similar policies.

Chris Ford: Supreme Court asset sales decision a sad day

 This week's Supreme Court decision on Maori water rights signals the beginning of the end for the last remaining state assets in Aotearoa.

Chris Ford: Christchurch's rebirth hampered by National

 On Friday, Christchurch commemorated the second terrible anniversary of the February 2011 earthquake. This second earthquake devastated the city. It's now leading to its rebirth, albeit, one being hampered by National.

Chris Ford: Oscar Pistorius - the end of a disabled hero

 The arrest of Oscar Pistorius, the blade runner of Paralympic and Olympic fame, on murder charges has the potential to bring down a great disabled people's hero.