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Gladiator; Christmas Film

A little thrill rushed through my body this morning as an advert for the epic film Gladiator came on the TV. It's one of those films that no matter how many times you see it, there is always a plethora of emotions as you get dragged into the story by the vivid images of war torn Roman Europe, right through to the bitter sweet ending.

ACTing on Energy Issues

In a World flooded by people claiming that climate change is the harbinger of doom for all of us, that we have abused our planet to such an extent that its own fails safe devices will fail and that there is such blatant evidence all indicating this tragedy Rodney Hide is here to point out our folly in believing such nonsense. He is or voice of reason in a world gone crazy and we should really thank him for helping Key to make such positive decisions as the Thermal Energy Repeal. He strides across the open chasms of ignorance lays his flaming torch of truth and honour at the feet of the evil titans of deceit.

The New Squid on the Block

Further Disgrace for Aetorea at Poznan

In a big step forward, the conference at Poznan have agreed terms in which to rewa

Hide in Full View With his Empty Rhetoric

On Sunday, Rodney Hide gave a speech to his ACT supporters, ACT Asian Chapter to be precise, at their BBQ in

Greenpeace Raise the Temperature at Poznan

Greenpeace have finally got their team to Poznan to spread their message to the repr

Key's Green Lining?

Despite dragging his feet on the vital Emissions Trading Scheme, John Key does seem to be aware of the more tangible aspects of environmental sustainability.

Poznan Brings the Battle Against Climate Change to the Next Stage

From the 1st to the 14th of December a large New Zealand delegation will meet amongst 9000 participants from government, business and industry, for the 4th meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since the

Quantum Of Solace: Not So Lonely Being Bond

Quantum of SolaceThe director, Marc Forster, has produced some of my favourite

Delay on Emissions Trading Scheme

The new government is clearly unwilling to break their typecasting and give a nod toward the environmental left.