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An Open Letter to the Broadcasting Standards Authority

I am writing to you because something happened this week that didn’t sit well with me.

Sean Plunket resigned this week from the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The fable of The Speaker and the spark

There was kind of slow moving devastation to the last few years of The System that caught many of us by surprise.

The final blows came in the last half of 2017, when winter was upon us and the fields were covered with snow.

Something is brewing in NZ politics



Something is brewing in New Zealand politics.

5 Reasons to watch Wonder Woman

If you're wavering about whether to see Wonder Woman, who are you and have you been planning some nefarious villainy on a planet far, far away?

What's with the 'Girls Only' signs, New World?

There is a certai

Rape culture: power and privilege in New Zealand

Wellington College has been in the news recently. Two young men from the school were reported for posting Facebook messages about raping drunk and unconscious girls – they were talking about sex without consent which is, by definition, rape.

Opinion: What will the Trump Inauguration mean for New Zealand?

On Friday 20th of January, 2017, Donald Trump will be President of the United States.

This is a sentence I never thought I'd say, let alone type as fact, setting the words in stone.

Famous authors and warrior Mums are taking back Mother’s Day

Mother's Day means acknowledging what a Mum is.

"Who will fight for us now?" Also known as Another 'Save Campbell Live' Blog

The potential axing of Campbell Live has been the hot topic of conversation with family and friends this week, and in the blogosphere.

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