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Golf: Will There Be Another Zach Johnson?

“Will there be another Zach Johnson who gets to PGA Tour without much power but finds a way to win majors?”— Brian”

Best Chance the British Open

Golf: How Technology Turned Against Tiger

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I think modern golf equipment has brought players much closer together. It’s more difficult to separate yourself from before. Don’t like hitting long irons? Hit a hybrid. You struggle with a slice with your driver?

Golf Undresses a Man

“The Scots have a saying (borrowed here from Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy), "Golf undresses a man." Do you believe that to be true? Does golf show us what a person is really like? How might the phrase be applied to you? Your dad? How 'bout that Patrick Reed?

Golf: Patience, Positivity and Proper Posture

“Lydia Ko was asked how she stays so patient when things aren’t going well. Her response? “I just keep waiting for good things to happen.’’ That’s an optimist.”

Golf: $5,000 a Set and About To Go Up

“When I first hit PXG’s clubs I was extremely impressed by how they felt. They felt solid and the performance was – wow!” That’s Lydia Ko’s reaction to her new clubs and so she should at $5,000 a set.

Better be quick

Golf: More Money Than Sense?

“A spectacular world class 18-hole course has been carved from the rugged and dramatic environment of the Ardfin Estate on the Argyll island of Jura by Bob Harrison, one of Australia’s foremost golf architects,” writes Alistair Munro in The Scotsman.

Golf: The Wisdom of the Late, Great John Jacobs

John Strege headlines the sad news with, “John Jacobs, 1925-2017: 'The greatest teacher in the history of the game”

The sole purpose

Golf gadget cuts scores at a stroke by calming brain

Alas The Times newspapers with the above headline insists that I must be a subscriber before I can view the article and so thanks to Ariana Eunjung at the more liberally-minded Washington Post dated March 29, 2016 I’m checking out if Thync could help improve my go

Golf: Pegasus Tops Terrace Downs

So there I was checking out my second-favourite golf course review web site (Golf Club Atlas comes first) and there I found a review on the Pegasus Golf Club where the reviewer writes, ‘I had played Terrace Downs a couple of days earlier and rate Pegasus the better of the two.’

Golf: Quotable Quotes from 2016

"Just in case you get cold feet again," said Billy, referring to the engagement Rory broke off with Wozniaki a few years back right after the wedding invitations had been mailed out.”

A weird wedding present