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Golf: Kinloch The Newcomer

 Coming in at #94 on Golf Digest’s fourth biennial ranking of the World 100 Greatest Golf Courses where it’s described as being, “nestled beneath hills that resemble the folds of a giant slumbering Shar-Pei.”

Golf: An Aussie’s Revenge

“Case that cost Sunningdale £475,000 shows up golf’s arrogant image", writes James Corrigan with the headline, “Top club pay high price for haughty elitism”.

Real ales - not for real rounds

Golf: Putting Using a Line – The Findings

“At a recent TaylorMade event that was attended by some of the brand’s biggest stars, Rory McIlroy was captured on video talking about how not using a line while putting has helped him,” writes Jessica Marksbury.

Rory is not alone

Golf: Teaching from Impact and Back

“Of the wild array of things I see golfers working on, the impact position is rarely one of them.

Golf: Captain America’s Crisis

"How Reed navigates the next nine months, until the 2020 Ryder Cup, will be an insight into the rest of his career – and to this point, he’s shown zero remorse or any interest in image rehabilitation." writes Ryan Lavner at Geoff Shackelford's blog, "Captain America, No

Golf: Elevate Your Chipping

“Short game extraordinaire Phil Mickelson dropped a long overdue chipping tip last week that could benefit golfers of all abilities.

Golf: Want to hit a power draw? - Butch Harmon

“Are you this guy that comes up on the tee and you really wanna bust this drive out there, and you get in here, and you think this is such a powerful position, big old wide stance, bent over like you're just gonna really knock the heck outta this?” That’s text on Butch Harmon&rs

Golf: Askernish - An Amazing Tale

“Two of the most famous courses in the world, Augusta National and Pebble Beach, have dropped in GOLF's Top 100 Courses in the World ranking,” writes Josh Berhow and upon further reading I note he writes, “Scotland’s Royal Dornoch jumped five spots to get into the top 10,

Golf Tips: The ‘Flamingo Drill’ for Putting and Driving

“Theories differ as to why flamingos stand on one leg.