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When it comes to water, every drop counts - GARDENA

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Leading supplier of garden irrigation systems, GARDENA welcomes yesterday’s announcement by Watercare that they are looking to review Auckland’s outdoor home water restrictions by December 2020.

Nick Bright, GARDENA General Manager, says; "Aucklanders, in particular, have had a pretty tough year and being able to get out into the garden and exercise their green thumbs has delivered solace to many. The current water restrictions have dealt further blows to those keen to see their gardens receive the nourishment they need. Increasingly more households are reliant on growing their own vegetables. Community gardens also play a big part in growing produce to support their local communities."

Bright believes that Kiwi gardeners are a responsible bunch and should be trusted to minimise their water consumption in the garden.

He continues, "There are many ways to use water efficiently in the garden, including irrigation systems controlled by water timers which can help reduce and manage the amount of water a garden consumes compared to traditional watering methods. This not only helps the environment and the current water crisis but also cuts down on expensive water bills."

Believing that every drop counts, GARDENA is committed to helping home gardeners do their bit to save water in the garden and provide them with more sustainable ways to water. Below are their top tips for water conservation in the garden:

1. Watering to your plant or gardens requirements. Potted plants need water more often for short periods and water garden beds less often but for longer. For efficiency, when your irrigation is running, shift smaller container plants so they can access the water at the same time.

2. Never water during the hottest part of the day. Under the midday sun, cold water may send plants into a state of shock or even cause foliage (leaves) to burn. Early evening is not an ideal time either, as stored heat may still cause water loss through evaporation. Instead, water in the early morning hours or even wait until after nightfall - and a water timer can do this efficiently for you, to avoid having to stand in the dark with a watering can or hose.

3. Consider irrigation systems and connect them to water timers. These offer substantial water and time-saving benefits, whilst still retaining healthy plants, even through the dry summer months. You have total control over water use, delivery type, and timing. This is especially important over the holiday season when people travel, and home gardens can often be neglected.

4. Mulching protects your plants against intense heat. Spread a layer of three to five centimetres of shredded matter such as pea straw or bark mulch over the entire garden area, or just around specific individual plants. A thin layer of grass cuttings can also be spread over the garden area as long as they do not contain grass or weed seeds. Mulch also protects bed soil from hot sunlight, preventing it from quickly drying out.

Embrace technology - Using a soil moisture sensor ensures water isn’t wasted when it’s raining. When attached to a water timer it will interrupt or prevent a planned watering cycle if the soil is already moist enough. The initial cost of these systems is recouped in reduced water charges.

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