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Affordable Housing Could Become A Reality This Year

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Brian Dalley
Brian Dalley
Affordable Housing Could Become A Reality This Year

If I told you I could build you an upmarket 1brm unit for $65,000 in any area of the country would that interest you? I guess for many the answer would be yes!

This would be achievable if the government made one simple change to the rules.

Allow homeowners to tap into their existing drainage to divert some of the flow via a separate system which would be owned and maintained by the home owner. There would be NO added cost to the government or councils.

We are talking about self-contained transportable units that have a separate double bedroom, open plan living, dining and full kitchen, bathroom with full size shower, laundry and deck.

These units are not too dissimilar to what you would expect from an upmarket apartment yet the government sees fit to block our efforts to make affordable accommodation more accessible to those that most deserve it.

I take call after call from parents keen to locate one of these units on their property to help their kids gain some independence.

So just what is the problem?

The council would have you believe that by housing these units behind existing dwellings it would put added pressure on the already fragile infrastructure. Namely, waste water and sewage systems.

Ironically, we can get approval to build a sleep-out, but the person living in the sleep-out must go inside the main house to use the faculties.

I am not sure if they really understand what they are saying. All that is going to change is some of that waste is going to be directed to the same place as it is now except through a different pipe which involves no cost to the government or council.

Sure I am not an engineer, but does it really take one to do the math? How can there be an increase of pressure on infrastructure if no additional demand is added.

I believe I have the right to single out Mr Heatley and point the figure as this was brought to his attention some time ago. I was then informed he would look into it and have since not heard a word.

If someone were to borrow the full amount $65,000 over 20 years @ 7% it would cost them around $117 per week to repay the loan. You could not rent a comparable flat for that amount.

Yes you can be assured this blog will be sent to Mr Heatley and by the way his address is;
phil.heatley (at)

Sure, Affordable Accommodation is not a right, but neither should it be unjustifiably withheld from those in need.

If the sole reason is to block investors from jumping on the bandwagon - tax investors, but don’t stop Mum and Dad from helping their kids. That is just not right.

Until the rules are changed or I receive an explanation that makes sense, I will continue my crusade for Affordable Housing.

Brian Dalley

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