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Connection To Sewerage System Holts Housing For Tens Of Thousands Of New Zealanders

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Brian Dalley
Brian Dalley

It has been reported there are over 10,000 people on Housing New Zealand’s waiting list. In fact, the Government taskforce’s housing report reported a shortfall of 70,000 houses.

Thousands of these people could be housed within a short period of time and at very little cost to the government.

Simply change the rules back to what worked in the past.

Those in power are standing firm by their findings that if someone were to locate a transportable unit on the rear of their section and move a person or two from the main house to that dwelling it would add pressure on the infrastructure therefore a separate sewerage and waste water system would need to be installed.

If there wasn’t so much at stake it would be laughable. Do they really believe someone is going to use the toilet more often because they move to a self-contained unit on the rear of the section were they are already live?
This is what one of our readers’ ‘Granny’ had to say;

“I agree - we are grandparents trying to arrange to live on the same property as our family (10 acres) and it seems that the government don't think this is a good idea - putting up obstacles all over the place. We need families to live like they do in other parts of the world - where family learns to look after each other, where costs can be shared (not doubled) and children can have a healthy outlook on life with extended family involved in their upbringing. It takes a village to raise a child. Why put a whole string of expensive obstacles in our way in trying to achieve this. The first thing they want is 2 sewerage systems - spare me; we have a couple of adults (parents), a couple of children and a couple of old folk - 2 Enviroflow systems!!!”

Granny makes some very good points. Imagine the impact if Housing New Zealand offered to locate 1 bedroom units on the back of sections they already own so extended family can live together.

For example Grandparents helping with the upbringing of the family. Do you think that would bring change to social behaviour?

A number of investors I work with have shown interest in leasing these units to Housing New Zealand so there would be no upfront costs.

A one bedroom self-contained unit would cost around $110 per week and looking at market rents throughout the country that to me seems to be very reasonable.

In fact there are very few 1 bedroom units rented which makes me wonder if by constructing these units it could result in existing rental stock being better utilised.

How many two-bedroom units have one couple living in them?

If leasing is a hurdle, we will sell the unit for $35,000.

All we are asking is for consideration to be given to what was allowed to happen not that long ago. Remember the 60m² minor house units that could be hooked up to the existing infrastructure.

I don’t recall immigration figures spiking during that time or reports of excessive use of toilets. In fact I cannot recall any problems being reported.

So why not turn back the clock and open a few more doors. And remember, when families were allowed to live together and support each other there was less trouble.

Brian Dalley is a former NZMBA Mortgage Broker, Property Investor, and Real Estate Agent with over 15 years experience in the industry. You can read more of his and other professional’s views and opinions on his website  

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