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Dept Of Labour Tries To Spin Easter Prosecutions To Save Face

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
Cameron Brewer
Cameron Brewer

"The Department of Labour's claim that the number of shops found illegally trading this Easter weekend were 'on par' and 'similar to last year' is nothing more than inaccurate spin," says an Auckland business advocate.

"The reality is this Easter the number of retailers deemed to be trading illegally was up 15% on last year. Fining 38 retailers is still not a big number, but nonetheless it's not 'on par' with last year's 33 despite the Labour Department's spin. The fact is it's getting worse, and Government officials shouldn't try to gloss over that," says Cameron Brewer, chief executive of the Newmarket Business Association.

"Department of Labour officials need to explain why they issued conflicting advice to those running farmers markets and market stalls this year. Because of this conflicting advice, in fairness no market operator should be issued a $1,000 fine this year. Officials should also report to the Minister of Labour on the quality and quantity of information they gave to potentially contentious retailers, such as those running markets, prior to Easter.

"Don't believe the spin. The empirical evidence backs up the anecdotal feedback that confusion and frustration was worse this Easter. It's not on par, it's not getting better, it is actually worse. The Minister of Labour needs to sort out her department but most importantly sort out the Easter trading legislation once and for all," says Cameron Brewer.

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