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Don't Let Your Pets Over-Indulge This Christmas

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Don't Let Your Pets Over-Indulge This Christmas

Pet owners are not the only ones who need to consider their waistlines over the Christmas period, our pets can suffer from over-indulgence during the holidays too.

Christmas is traditionally the season of excess, but this year Shivaun Statham, Purina's resident pet-care expert warns us about over feeding our pets during the festive season.

"There is no doubt kiwis love their pets, but overfeeding them could do them more harm than good" says Shivaun. "At Christmas time, there always seems to be plenty of food to go around, but feeding our pets table scraps can lead to overweight pets and ultimately serious health conditions. Overweight pets can have a compromised immune system, mobility problems and be predisposed to diabetes and heart disease".

Findings from Purina's recent national survey showed that New Zealanders are crazy about their pets. Interestingly it was NZ blokes who were more willing to indulge their pets, with 42% of males admitting they pamper their cat for a Christmas treat!

Here are Purina's top tips to avoid the Christmas bulge:

Take advantage of the good weather and start planning lots of outdoor activities with your dog. Check out local walking tracks and start planning a few outings, take the whole family along and make a day of it! Dogs don't need expensive toys to keep them occupied, a tennis ball will keep them running around for hours Although cats love to sleep, they also like to stalk and hunt, run, climb, jump and pounce, try placing small balls (such as table tennis balls) along your cat's usual path to create spontaneous cat play How about customising a cat toy by attaching it to a piece of string and dragging it around the house, your cat will love chasing it!

"Nowadays more and more kiwis are prepared to indulge their pets, whether it's sending them to be pampered, dressing them up for special occasions such as Christmas, or showering them with unconditional love. But remember, instead of feeding your pets table scraps and other naughty treats, try spending some quality time with your pet to show them how much you love them." Statham says

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