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Making your business hum - top online software picks

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Matt Harman
Matt Harman

One of the big lessons we’ve learned as we’ve grown Fuseworks is that you need every member of the team to be super productive all the time. Not getting things done can have serious consequences for any business - even more so for the ones just starting out.

That’s not easy to achieve. Poor systems, inefficient processes, the need to keep everyone informed and everything documented all conspire to slow us down and get less done than we’d like.

At Fuseworks, we work hard to maintain a focus on finding a better way. That’s a philosophy that we’ve embraced with our own product development - but also when it comes to the third party systems we use to keep the business humming.

Traditional software tends to have high switching costs and involves a long and complicated process to move to something new. With online software that’s less true. The time between finding a service and starting a trial can be non existent.

While you might not want to switch the whole company to a new system on a whim, getting one or a few people to put a potentially time saving system through its paces is easy and typically involves minimum effort (if it’s hard that’s a great indication you should keep looking for something better).

Beyond the ease of getting started we favour online software over desktop alternatives because it’s always getting better. All of the systems we use get regular feature enhancements that are immediately available to us with nothing to install. Impossible to match with old-school installed software.

We have one main criteria to help us decide if a particular piece of software is right for us - will it help us reduce the friction between thought and action?

If using the system requires multiple steps to accomplish core functions then it’s not for us. Effortless efficiency is what we’re aiming for.

Read the list of recommended online software to run your business on the Fuseworks Media blog (spoiler: top picks include: Todoist, Asana, Capsule CRM, Xero and Lastpass).

Matthew Harman has been working in digital media since 1999. He is currently a co-founder of Fuseworks Media, which provides real-time news tools to media and communications professionals. He is also the publisher of His views are his own.  

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