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Ports of Auckland and PortPro sign collective agreement

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Ports of Auckland has this week signed a collective agreement with the PortPro union.

PortPro initiated collective bargaining on 19 September, formal negotiations began on 25 September and we reached a settlement shortly afterwards. The deal was formally signed on 4 October.

"Ports of Auckland wishes to thank PortPro for the positive and constructive way they approached bargaining, which has been completed efficiently and without disruption" said Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson.

"The new deal is a partnership which rewards both sides: it delivers a productive and cost-effective outcome for the port, and well-paid jobs for PortPro members," he added.

The collective agreement runs for two-and-a-half years, providing a solid foundation for an ongoing partnership which will deliver benefits for both parties. Underpinning it is a good incentive scheme for rewarding productivity and overall it offers a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

The flexible shift and roster system in the deal is similar to what has been in place successfully at Port of Tauranga for over 20 years. If we can get a deal like this across all the port we will be able to compete with Tauranga on level footing.

Ports of Auckland is currently in facilitation with the Maritime Union, a process which is not affected by this deal. Ports of Auckland is fully focussed on settling a modern, flexible collective agreement with the Maritime Union that will provide us with the improvements in productivity that we need and job security for our staff. Negotiations with the Maritime Union started in August 2011.

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