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Small business owners cut holidays - survey

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
Small business owners cut holidays - survey

As most of the nation prepares for the Easter break, a new study reveals that small business owners right around the country are cutting back on holidays, with owners in some regions taking a lot less time off.

The Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Otago and Southland, and the Waikato have been revealed as New Zealand's hardest working regions for small business owners, according to the MYOB Business Monitor.

The MYOB Business Monitor, a regular survey of 1000 business owners, asked respondents how often they work extra hours or gave up taking holidays in order to get work done.

MYOB General Manager Julian Smith said the survey illustrates the level of hard work and sacrifice that goes into operating a small business.

"As these results show, small business owners are incredibly hard working. All over the country, we are seeing people giving up holidays or time with their families to put in the hours needed to make their business succeed."

According to the survey, the hardest working regions for business owners in New Zealand are:

The Bay of Plenty, with 65% of small business owners taking fewer holidays in order to keep their business running;

Otago and Southland, 64% taking fewer holidays;

Wellington, 64% taking fewer holidays;

Waikato, 58% taking fewer holidays.

Across the country, business owners in the Manuwatu came the closest to achieving a work/life balance - although over half of the region's business owners are still sacrificing breaks to run their business, with 55% of small business owners cutting back on holidays.

Mr. Smith said it was interesting to note that it was predominantly provincial New Zealand, and not the main centres, that were the hardest working areas.

"We often think that people in cities work long hours, but what these results show is that a lot of the extra work that keeps our economy afloat is being done by small business owners in the regions," says Mr. Smith.

Mr Smith said it is important that business owners find work/life balance and believes the upcoming Easter holiday provides a good opportunity for a well-earned break.

"This survey is a reminder of the effort that goes into running a small business. While some business owners will be planning to work through Easter, we'd encourage people to take some time off, if they can, to wind down and recharge for what is shaping to be a busy year ahead."

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