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Social Media for Social Good


Social Media offers many businesses and organizations a unique platform to promote their cause. But as we have seen with a bunch of campaigns recently some companies are choosing to abuse their twitter profile and social media presence with spammy twitter marketing campaigns.

Lets see, we have had recently…

Comic-Con contest hosted by Electronic Arts (EA) – “A Night with the hottest girl at Comic-Con. Dinner, Booty & More” – Check out the Review by

Moonfruit – Check out the Review by

These are just a few recent examples of campaigns that require the contest applicant to Tweet a message, hashtag etc to get in the draw.

You might think differently, you might like entering these competitions but in my book they are twitter spam, just the same message over and over from different twitter accounts.

My point of frustration is this is twitter noise. Its short term gratification, short term attention, just to get your name in the trending topics.

But for what? Perhaps a few extra customers and a bigger ego thanks to your now inflated twitter follower list.

Social media and Social networking is about contributing to the network, it’s about adding value to your followers experience. Well there is no value add with a spammy twitter campaign.

No doubt that twitter will clamp down on these campaigns and start charging for the right at some stage in the future. But what will that mean, bigger prizes to attract your attention, to get more spam?

Any one of these companies could have utilized this opportunity to create some Social Good. To put their social media profile to some good use, AND attract the RIGHT attention to themselves.

Here is a presentation; Social Media for Social Good: Progress and Predictions by Gradon Tripp about how Non-profits are waking up to the opportunities using social media for social change.

Here is a post on Readwriteweb;  How to Use Social Media for Social Change

And here are two great posts on Mashable;  Stories for Good Contest: Win FREE Social Media Books #Stories4Good and  Inspiring Tales of Social Media for Social Good #Stories4Good about their “Summer of Social Good” program.

Oh and don’t forget about that amazingly successful global campaign Twestival who coordinated events raising money for Charity : Water

These are just some examples and stories that might ignite some passion, create some ideas or perhaps even motivate your company into creating a campaign that partners your wonderful brand with a wonderful charity.

It’s time to STOP wasting this fantastic platform, our huge profiles, social networks and brand reach and get on to doing something useful.

A Social Campaign for Social Good could:

  • Attract offline attention as well as prolific social media
  • Achieve something positive for an organization and its cause
  • Generate positive action leading to enduring profile for both parties with ongoing positive stories, blogs and press
  • Promote your brand in a unique light
  • Positively associate your company with a project thats worthwhile, adding value and contributing to the social community you are a member of.

Social Good:

My definition is: To proactively, positively support another organization or cause through your social network or online presence. It could be a non-profit or educational program or it could be an industry group thats related to your business. For example is sponsoring the Support Awards this year. It’s not about Zendesk, it is about being a evangelist for Helpdesk and Customer Service Best Practice.

Help others achieve your goals, and yours shall be achieved too.

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