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The Worm Ate My Homework: New Back-To-School Computer Use Checklist For Parents

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The Worm Ate My Homework: New Back-To-School Computer Use Checklist For Parents

AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd, which distributes the AVG range of Anti-Virus and Internet Security products, has created a Back-To-School Computer Use Checklist For Parents (

In one easy list are guidelines to help parents understand the current terminology, what to be looking for, and how to ensure children are using computers safely and responsibly. It also includes an associated shopping list of software and accessories for parents to consider.

Lloyd Borrett, AVG (AU/NZ)'s Marketing Manager, said: "There is much to learn and monitor when it comes to your children's use of computers. With the many threats out there today and changes in technology, it can be quite a daunting task for parents to keep up. From our extensive knowledge of what is happening in the area of Internet security, we have compiled a checklist covering all the issues.

"As parents and their children rely more and more on the information stored on home computers, I cannot stress too highly how vital it is to protect it against online threats or loss."

With the growing use of laptops by school children will come enormous losses of school homework, assignments and study notes through laptop damage or theft.

A child's school may have an open wireless network, or kids could decide to work at the local Internet caf. These are prime targets and leave laptops vulnerable to viruses, worms and other malware.

"It's no longer a matter of the 'dog eating my homework'. It will become a matter of 'the worm ate my homework' if parents don't have all the protection mechanisms in place," Borrett said.

"Using home computers safely has become easier as everything that's required is now affordable and easy to install," Borrett continued.

The overriding caution in AVG's Back-To-School Computer Use Checklist For Parents

is to keep all security and backup software current by using automatic updates and ensure it is licensed, installed and running properly at all times.

"Viruses are being introduced so rapidly that most reputable security software vendors release multiple threat definition updates every day. Not only the operating system but all other programs and pieces of software on the computer need to be regularly updated," Borrett advised.

For parents looking for security software, the AVG Internet Security 9.0 full suite solution delivers excellent Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, Enhanced Firewall and Anti-Spam protection ( Even the basic protection provided by the free version of AVG ( is much better than nothing at all.

Borrett also suggests a solution for parents worried about homework and assignments being lost, or the kids losing all their data if a laptop is stolen. He recommends they use an Internet based remote backup solution such as Carbonite Online PC Backup (

Another recommendation is to educate children to stay away from the popular peer-to-peer (P2P) networks from which the vast majority of the files being shared are copyrighted songs and movies which are illegal to download and often carry infection mechanisms.

The AVG Checklist also includes a shopping list of helpful accessories suggesting everything from a USB key for easy transfer and transportation of data to a laptop security cable.

To view or download the Back-To-School Computer Use Checklist For Parents go to AVG (AU/NZ)'s web site at

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