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Greenings your holidays


People often say you need time to change habits. No better time to look at your eco-friendly habits and begin the change in your holidays. Start  the way you want to  continue your life. Here's three ideas for a 'green' start.

1. If you have bought a ‘real’ tree then find somewhere that will recycle it and turn it into compost so it keeps living. Mt Gabriel has three places you can buy trees and you can return them to them for composting too. They will take your tree even if you didn’t buy it form them.

2. Give a cityhop car share membership. If you have a student in your house give them a membership and buy some hours so they can have wheels when they need them but not have the expense of a car. Think about what you are doing for the environment  by giving the gift of sharing too!

While we're on Christmas gifts Victoria Carter, co-founder and eco-blogger says she keeps all the nice gift bags she gets throughout the year and then fills them up with Christmas presents.

3. Buy local. While you are relaxing and have the time, check out your  local farmer’s market instead of the super market, and buy the freshest ingredients around. Why not walk to the market but make sure you take some recycling bags and maybe an egg box so you can reduce, re-use and recycle as part of your start to changing those habits!

Add your ideas for greening the holidays.