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“Grippy” Replaces “Fork” as Funniest Word Ever*

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Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
*…In my survey of four.
Have you ever had the kind of night in, where you’re with friends, and clearly the weather is so abominable that it’s likely you will never leave your apartment again?
So you sit around, having a reasonably intelligent conversation, which, when alcohol is added, turns into a reasonably coherent conversation.
Then when drinking games are added (Drinking game here meaning “Patricia Arquette had a dream!”, “Okay, have a shot!”), conversation degenerates into a furious debate on whether “Grippy” is the single funniest word that has ever been spoken aloud while intoxicated.
Hence, this blog.
I did actually watch Nightline to see if I had any valid (or vaguely valid) points of view, on anything this week, but unfortunately I lost interest halfway through.
So, while “Grippy”, “Fork,” (both thumbs up), “Lamp” (thumbs down), and “Spleen” (Jury still out), were being deliberated over, I logged on to find more debatable words.
Apparently, there are other people, who, like us, pondered the big questions in life and even went to the trouble of putting a website together so that all could share in the all important task of defining, creating, and voting on words.
At, they range from “sassafras” to “ukulele” to “Hackensack, New Jersey”.
Then “shenanigan” started a debate as to whether “shindig”, “hootenanny”, or “gathering” was the very best term to describe the current situation. (“Idiocy” won.) contributors even write books on funny words. You can purchase Dr. Robert Beard’s “The 100 Funniest Words in English”, and laugh yourself silly over words like “Gardyloo!” - A warning shouted before throwing water from above, or “Logorrhea” - Loquaciousness, talkativeness.
For Harry Potter fans, “Mugwump” turns out to be an independent politician who does not follow any party. Who knew?
Then we hit the jackpot with Urban It’s basically a website where people list slang words and definitions.
Be aware, you can leave this site with a whole new vocabulary, particularly where pop culture is concerned.
The term “Obama Effect” has been popping up in journalism and pseudo-journalism recently, and according to Urban Dictionary is defined as “The unique ability to simultaneously generate and harvest "Liberal Guilt" on an industrial scale and transubstantiate it into political capital.”
“Obama Drama” has also caught on as a popular term (it’s just so fun to say), as in “Any of the drama that you hear about on the news, or read in the papers relating to the President Barack Obama.”
If you’re worried about Swine Flu, you need to talk to someone who is “Swinefluent.”
John Key even makes an appearance where the most popular definition says that “John Key is the current PM of New Zealand. He was voted in to this position by the New Zealand public solely because he has a slightly more dignified appearance and manner than the previous PM, Comrade Helen.”
“Samantha” is even listed there, although I think Sex and the City had more to do with the definition than moi, personally.
So, we didn’t actually agree on what the funniest word ever is, but we are definitely more educated in this field than before.
As for me, I’m currently flummoxed at how to solutionize my headachage.

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