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Album Review: Late of the Pier- Fantasy Black Channel

Earl Ho
Earl Ho
Late of the Pier

Late of the pier- Fantasy black channel

Wow! This album is amazing. I'm in a very happy mood so I'm picking albums that are awesome, to review, so you guys can listen as well. I found out about this 4 piece from the Castle Donington, Nottingham, UK, from the 3rd announcement of bands for Rhythm and Vines and I decided to hunt all the bands down in cyberspace and give them a listen. 

When I got to their MySpace, I was pleasantly greeted by the opening track of their debut album "Fantasy Black Channel", "hot tent blues" which for me epitomized the ideal opening track of an album. It's just so damn epic and groovy and I was simply blown away. Long story short, I managed to get the album and listen to it that day. 

"Hot tent blues" contains no vocals and is just a wall of spacey guitars and synths playing an awesome riff over and over again UNTIL suddenly it turns into a "metal" moment of which i can't explain in words, but its awesome. Then the song somehow transforms into the next track "broken" with no pause (you know like dark side of the moon) which after a short intro goes into the grooviest riff on the planet that just makes you want to dance. Till now there have been absolutely no vocals, so I was thinking, hmm i wonder if the vocals can live up to the goodness of this album so far. The vocals certainly could and I was blown away again at how awesome the vocals were. The vocals epitomized the ideal vocals for the sounds that I were hearing and it had only about two minutes into the album. 

By what seemed to be the end of this song, the c.d. sounded like it was scratching which left me confused because I wasn't even using the c.d. (itunes). Then the scratching noise started getting groovy and it turned into some kind of drum beat. I realized at this moment that I wasn't dealing with a normal album. 

Listening to the lyrics I could hear a teen perspective the words with lines like "its all part of the open pressures of growing up", which to me imply the power of peer pressure and how it can introduce kids to things that they are not overly  to keen on or in some cases are keen on, and therefore the situation would not be peer pressure at all. Anyways the lyrics are great and it is obvious that this band has a very talented songwriter. 

The production of the album is amazing and that is thanks to Erol Alkan, a electro DJ from London known for his remixes. The songs therefore, do suit the dance floor very well but at the same time it can appeal to the music enthusiasts as the songs are greatly written with almost virtuoso playing. The band have captured a very fresh sound, getting the coolest sound possible from the guitars and synths.

There is absolutely no "weak" track on this album, every song is awesome. You put this album on at a party, EVERYONE will be dancing. By now I've listened to the album at least 20 times and I'm still not tired of it. It is that good.

But do you know what makes this album even more brilliant. All of the members are 19 or 20 years old. So there 1 and 2 years older than me but there musical output is equivalent to Trent Reznor or Roger Waters.

But wait theres more...

The music videos for these songs are amazing as well. This is one of my favourite clips ever.

I guess the implications of this review are very clear. LISTEN TO FANTASY BLACK CHANNEL NOW!!!!

Hands down the best album of 2008 for me.


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