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All's Fair In Love And War

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Dyani Ellwood
Dyani Ellwood

Accoring to The Free Dictionary online, the idiom, All's fair in love and war means simply this: "Something that you say which means behaviour that is unpleasant or not fair is acceptable during an argument or competition i.e. We weren't cheating, we were just playing to win. Anyway, all's fair in love and war."

Given the pre-Valentine's shambles that singing sensation Rihanna and her singer-beau Chris Brown, have tangled themselves up in of late, I recommend they both sit down, have a drink and consider the above idiom.

Websites and newspapers from the New York Daily News through to our very own New Zealand Herald have been daily-diarying the varying accounts of what happened on the fateful night Chris Brown was slammed for being allegedly involved in an altercation with a female.

What I've gathered from reading the various global reports of what happened between Brown and Rihanna is that the dispute arose after Brown received a booty call from another female and Rihanna saw the text and started going haywire at him while he was still driving, he then pulled off the road, she stormed out of the car, he tried to pull her back in in and she accused him of attacking her.

Now I don't now about the rest of the world, but if you were to do a drive around the streets of any small township in central North Island - say Tokaroa, or even Invercargill if you want to go that far, on a friday night, I can gurantee you'll most probably come across some angry female storming along the middle of the road, cellphone in one hand, ciggie in another, cursing her 'cheating-lying' boyfriend for ruining yet another perfectly good night with his 'dumb-ass' behaviour, despite the fact he tried to pull her back into the car pleading he was sorry.

This is where Rihanna and Chris come in, and they should seriously consider coming down under for a holiday when they've resolved all their issues, because they could learn a thing or two from us Kiwis. Why? Because, you can guarantee that come Saturday morning, that young lass you saw cursing and verbally abusing her boyfriend down the mainstreet of Tokaroa the night before will probably be cooking him breakfast and silently getting one back up on him by texting his best friend.

No need for lies and manipulation - he's a guy, in general speak guys aren't good at hiding things, so why make him appear any dumber than he already is by pretending he hit you!

Come on Rihanna, you present yourself as such a strong, indendpent 'woman of the new world', yet where was the intuitive thinking when you found his naughty text huh? Is a 'hitting' claim the best you can come up with? Girlfriend get out from under your umbrella and fess-up.

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