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Anika Moa - Love In Motion Review & Interview

Scott Newman
Scott Newman
Anika Moa

Anika Moa is one of the biggest music stars in New Zealand. She has recently released her fourth studio album Love in Motion which I have the privilege of reviewing. Anika is going on tour across NZ soon!

Anika Moa has been in the music industry since 1999. Producing four albums; Thinking Room (2001), Stolen Hill (2005), In Swings the Tide (2007) & (the latest album), Love in Motion (2010)

She has been busy touring across New Zealand and can be found online; & YouTube

Anika has spent time overseas in U.S.A and Australia promoting her music. Now, she has returned to New Zealand and is better than ever with her new album Love in Motion hitting the airwaves begging to be noticed! Please check out my album review and interview with Anika Moa. I have also included two songs off the new album Love Me Again & Running through the Fire (Storm). The other songs are from the previous albums showcasing her talent as one of New Zealand's best acts!




Love in Motion is a very deep & expressive album. At first listen you can tell how Anika Moa has grown as a song writer. The music comes across very beautiful with a lot of personal touches on each song. There is definitely a portrayal of love throughout the tracks. The album flows like a journey of a relationship with a lot of pain, delight and surprise.

The Album contains ten tracks with the standout songs being Running through the Fire (Storm), Love me again and Secrets & Lies. What impresses is the flow of the album as it plays strong the whole way through. There is a strong emphasis on Anika and her guitar which is the strength of her sound with her powerful & clear voice. The production of the album is strong in this regard as you are left with the distinct impression of Anika's crisp vocals after listening through the whole recording.

What makes Anika so brilliant is her down to earth personality. She is romantic in her music, very vocal in her shows and approachable in person. These traits show in her music and videos, especially with the good kiwi sense of humour and good nature. Anika was also part of the Greenpeace single "Anchor Me" 20th anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. Having performed with some of New Zealand's great singers she is really on form to becoming one of New Zealand's best performers for years to come.

Overall, Love in Motion is a very appealing, steady and easy going album. I recommend to listeners of pop and alternative soft rock. I have a lot of respect for the hard work that Anika has put into the production of each of her albums. She is a hard worker in the sense that she spends the time to promote her work by playing to her fans in remote places. Anika has a free spirit nature that carries her a long way.



Thank you for taking the time to answer my interview questions for my blog! I am a big fan of your music & I’m very honoured to be able to interview you! (I would like to thank Tom & Mark for making this possible)

Where do you want to take the tour of "Love in Motion"? Do you have any plans to go off-shore at this stage?

Preferably I'd like to travel to as many towns, cities and countries around the world to showcase these new songs but for now I'm sticking to New Zealand and hopefully will get to tour it next year!

Congratulations on your marriage! How has it been focusing on your new album with all the hard work that comes with it and celebrating your relationship? (I believe in civil union as it is also common law in Vancouver BC too!)

Thanks!! I take it all in my stride, work hard but I know when to relax and have a holiday. I probably relax a bit too much if I'm honest! 

What was it like for you at the beginning of your music career when you travelled to U.S.A.? I know from my experience that the American way is quite different from Aotearoa! How did you find it? Was it for you?

I loved the travel and meeting people part of my America visits, I really struggled with the American concept of music and how they felt they had to portray me as an artist. I had to be honest and say I wasn't a huge believer in the ways of getting my music out there(too much publicity and radio work, my mouth hurt from smiling too much), I come from a very laid back country and my work ethic was a bit more substantial in my eyes. I just wanted to make music without the hype that comes with it, tour around the world and make a decent living off it... but everyone's perception of how it's done is different and I don't judge.

"In Swings the Tide" is a very awesome album! What can you tell us about producing it yourself? Was it a mission that you would consider doing again?

Thanks, producing an album isn't as hard as people think, my engineer Andre Upston helped a lot and I had my mates on hand 24/7, it was more like a group effort but I took all the credit. It was a cathartic album for me to make because it helped me deal with some heavy shit.

The new album is so deep! It is amazing how quickly you put it all together. Do you think the love from the makeup of this album is spiritual? You are very gifted to be able to produce music that lasts for a lifetime so quickly. What was your biggest inspiration for Love in Motion?

Love comes in all forms for me. I love movies, I love food and I love music. It helps to get 'love' as a message across to people who listen to my music. My biggest inspiration for love in motion is the love of myself. I love myself but not in an ego way!

I think it is wonderful that you give back to your fans so freely by playing in Westfield malls and being so carefree. How was the reception of new songs with the local crowds on your latest NZ tour?

I think people loved the new songs, it's hard to tell when you're up there sweating and talking and singing with lights on you and you can't see their reactions... I'm a bit over them at the moment because I've been touring for ages! Stink!

Who are some of the best bands that you have played with on tour in your career? Who would you like to play with now? (I saw you play with Julia Deans on the Aroha tour and that was complimentary to have Julia playing with you!)

Well my favourite bands are always the people who i get on with on a daily basis, of course they're usually my best mates who I tour with so it makes it easy. Julia Deans was great fun to tour with, as is Paul McLaney.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these Interview questions. What music are you currently listening too? What do you think of the current state of modern music?

I am playing Band of Horses, Mint Chicks, The National, Mia, The Naked and Famous and so many other cool bands right now but the music I always go back to is Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell etc etc.... Thanks for asking me such cool questions Scott. It has been so crazy lately but I'm happy you like the album and hear from you soon. Anika xxxxxxxxxx  

Check out these videos of Anika Moa. Thank You!


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