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Is Anyone Out There Worrying About Jesus?

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

The Christmas period is upon us which means a month or so of drinking, spending, partying, putting up with family and generally being silly. We need to spend money for the poor economy and wrap gifts like the Three Wise Men did on December 25 when Jesus was born.   Isn't Jesus supposed to return to earth? Rise again? Is anybody out there watching and waiting for his return? Is anyone worrying about Jesus?
I'm not religious by any means and think teaching intelligent design as part of a science curriculum is like trying to fit a VHS video into a DVD player…it doesn't quite fit. But there are loads of people out there who believe Jesus will return, and I'm all for it because that means another public holiday, which means more music festivals and more parties and if I had my way, the August month is seriously lacking is the bright spark department and would request Jesus' return that month. 

A handful of people, “crazy” people, claim to be the second coming of Jesus and I'm concerned that none of these people have been taken seriously. Surely, the religious zealots have all sorts of tests for those claiming to be Jesus, but has anyone been tested? What if Jesus has already returned and he's trapped in a sanitarium? Surely he wouldn't absolve the nurses and doctors of their sins. Too many questions. The main question is; what do I get out of it and what have I possibly missed because people have been prescribing Jesus drugs and calming him down? I can imagine it now. Bearded man with long hair, about 33 years old, wearing a white gown with a Slayer shirt underneath because we all know bearded long-haired men like heavy metal, under bright white lights in a padded room yelling “I'm Jesus, surely you have to believe me, look at the scars on my wrists and feet. C'mon, like I'd fake these!” The reply from the nurse or doctor would be “Ok, Sir, if you just take this cup of pills and let me inject you with this experimental drug, I'll be on my way.”

If Jesus has returned and is amongst us, albeit incarcerated, then it stands to reason that his father, God, is watching over his son and all the rest of us. He's not only watching over us, but also hearing the prayers and taking care of our deceased and loving everyone on his earth he created. His only way of communicating back to everyone is through his son, who could very well not only be incarcerated, but worst of all, being touted as “crazy” and ignored. God help us all.

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