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Bat For Lashes - Two Suns Review

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

I have been holding back on this review for a while. I want the world to know the brilliance of Natasha Khan who is the architect/mastermind of Bat For Lashes. A new artist that has a lot to offer in a beautiful and fantastic soundscape. I wish to present to you a review of Two Suns.

Bat For Lashes is all about Natasha Khan's amazing voice and her musical talents with the traditional instruments of the piano, harpsichord, autoharp & guitar. Natasha Khan hails from Brighton, United Kingdom. She is as beautiful as her music combining make up and fantasy wardrobes of far away costumes. She comes across as a story teller of forgotten times in the past. A time traveler bearing stories of audio and visual delight. I love it when an artist can project images from your own imagination as if they were painting music in your head.

As you can tell I have been quite captivated by this new artist. I have good reason as it is something new, (however familiar) fresh and folksy. Two Suns is the sophomore album by the artist behind the debut of Fur & Gold.

The Album Two Suns is a concept album about Natasha's alter-ego Pearl. Pretty much like having an imaginary friend but on the inside. I feel the need for now doing a song by song preview as I feel like sharing my own vision of each of the songs.


The beginning of the story creating an atmosphere using vocals to carry into the gentle & dreamy sounds of the album.


Third single from the album. It showcases the vocal range of Natasha. Continues to project strong images of art. Reminds me of Kate Bush a lot in this single's makeup. A great track opening into the flow of the story.


Gently playing of the piano and softly moving into the heart of the strong passage of this fantasy journey. This is the song that could people to sleep as it comes across as soft as a lullaby. Simplicity is beauty.


Daniel is the strongest track of the album. The first single and it stands out as a truly remarkable song. The highlight of the bands sound. A classic that shows how big this band may be in the future.


The song title matches the feeling this track gives you. I think it was well named here. There is backing vocals in this song which gives it a campfire sing along appeal. This is what everyone needs when the going gets rough.


I feel like this is one of the best blending songs of the album also one of the strongest songs. It is the perfect midway track. (I am a big believer in how important the flow of an album is) Shares the origin of the album's concept.


The second single of Two Suns. This track is a dream. It is deep in it's use of bass and synth. It creates a unique atmosphere. I really like the choice of this song being a single. It previews this album perfectly.


This is my sunday morning song. It is another period of the best stretch of the story. I like the fact that it is all quite different from the feeling you have just experienced with the last two tracks. 


Celtic beats, hand clapping and distant. A Bjork feel to this one. Very imaginary.


Another big highlight of this album. I imagine this track may be the favourite of a lot of fans. Why? .... It really stands out alone as a beautiful surprise. Listen to this album a few times and see if you feel as though this one cries to your heart.


Spooky! I feel as though a spell is being cast upon me when I listen to this one. The use of the gentleman's voice in this song makes you feel like it is all over. A heck of a way to send this album off.

WILDERNESS (bonus track)

Another tale stretching the imagination. A gentle number that tells it's own story well.

I suggest listening to this album in track order to really enjoy the experience. Bat For Lashes are currently touring with Coldplay and busy touring around the world on the strength of this album.

There is an international special edition of Two Suns which I recommend as it includes a couple of interesting covers. The Cure - A Forest & Kings of Leon - Use Somebody. The versions of these songs are very unique to the Bat For Lashes sound. Also included is a documentary of the creation of this concept album. Well worth getting! (official website) (myspace)

I give this amazing album an 8/10 and a double thumbs for a strong future in modern art music!

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