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Bingle Overplays Her Hand

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Dave Griffith
Dave Griffith
Lara Bingle

She grew up in Coastal New South Wales and went to a private girl's school. A year pursuing modelling work in Italy followed, but it was the controversial Tourism Australia "Where the bloody hell are you" advertising campaign that catapulted her to international attention.

The profile she gained earned her guest spots on a number of Australian TV shows. A relationship and subsequent engagement to Australian cricket star and 'Captain in waiting' Michael Clarke followed. The glamour couple became a regular fixture in magazines and newspapers.

She signed up with the same management company that Michael had been with for years. They obtained lucrative endorsement contracts for her with brand leading companies worth hundreds of thousands a year. But it appears that it was success as an international model that she craved the most. In October last year she parted company with her management company and signed up a publishing executive to be her exclusive manager. This relationship ended after only 3 months when Lara ditched her as well. The realisation that she was too short to be an international supermodel must have finally sunk in.

Changing tack again she signed up Max Markson as her manager and is reportedly being touted to media outlets as a reality TV star. Miraculously two weeks after hooking up with Max she hit the headlines when magazine published a photo taken by a former boyfriend (Brendan Fevola) of Bingle in the Shower.

An upset Bingle allegedly intends to sue Fevola and also sold her story to the same magazine that published the photo. All this is no surprise when she is represented by a manager who specialises in extracting dollars out of '15 minute famers'.

Now there has been a lot of publicity over the stories and Michael Clarkes sudden departure from the Australian cricket teams tour in New Zealand to return home and support Bingle. Both Clarke and Bingle have copped criticism for their actions in recent days.

Now normally I would say that any sportsman who is prepared to put aside their career for the sake of those closest to them is worthy of admiration. But in looking at the facts I am not so sure that Lara is worth potentially sacrificing the Australian captaincy for. Indeed the stories that he has returned home to send her packing are probably closer to the mark.

In 2006 when the news that Fevola's marriage was in trouble broke and Bingle was alleged to be the 'other woman'. Bingle flat out denied that she had any involvement with Fevola and hardly knew him.

Now she readily admits to the relationship but claims that she did not know he was married. He was a professional sportsman Lara! It is not that hard to find out about his marital status, just Google him.

To sell your story to the same magazine that published the photo might be financially lucrative but seeking publicity for financial gain is not always the way to a nation's heart.

With modelling, everything is carefully choreographed and staged. The subject is presented in the most flattering light that nature and technology can provide. The release of the shower photo is everything that modelling is not - unrehearsed, low grade and common. No wonder she is unimpressed, but when your public image is going down the toilet I guess the shower is never too far away from the toilet in most houses.

Now Lara's manager is alleged to be offering her to the media for a million dollars. That is a lot of dosh just to hear her say what everyone knows – she is toast as far as Michael is concerned.

Michael won't be ditching her because she was the victim of an ex-boyfriend who snapped a photo and passed it on to friends. He will do it because she shagged a married man and denied it. She turned her back on his trusted management team and has changed her mind twice since within 5 months. Lara seems to be a girl who likes to party hard even when Michael is not there. We won't even get into her unstealable car that was 'stolen' after her New Years party.

With no stardom on offer in modelling and TV presenting Lara has had to resort to the career of last resort – Self promotion and reality TV. All that means is she will end up as a low grade Paris Hilton of the South Pacific. But having embarrassed a likeable Australian sporting star and with her manager pimping her around town to the highest bidder even that dubious honour may elude her. A good dose of lying low and keeping her mouth shut for a while is her only hope, but that is not the Markson way.            



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