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Blu-Ray Review – The Universe, Season 3

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There I was thinking that after all the space science shows I had watched back in December and January that I wouldn’t want to go near another science show again for awhile! However, when I saw season 3 of ‘The Universe’ was there on my list of possible things to review this month, and having really enjoyed season 2, I thought let’s give it a go! Although Season 2 was a little outdated, as the other shows I had seen around the same time were more up to date, I hoped another season down the track must have meant the information should stack up a little better. Either way, being a space buff, I was sure I was going to enjoy the new season, and of the various shows I had seen Season 2 easily had the best CG and simple descriptions of what all that advanced science talk meant.

“The Universe is an American documentary television series that premiered on May 29, 2007 on The History Channel. The show features computer-generated imagery/computer graphics of astronomical objects in the universe and interviews with experts who study in the fields of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics.”

With only 12 episodes this season, whereas season 2 had 16, it had a good mix of subjects, but to someone who isn’t interested in space this must be a little perplexing. How can you have so much to say about space? Isn’t it just space? Well, after now having watched two full seasons, it’s easy to see that science, and TV science shows for that matter, have still but only scratched the surface of what’s ‘out there’ in space. Having watched all the episodes so close together, some of the information slightly repeated itself, but that’s more because often an in depth study on one subject easily correlates over to another. Overall though it was a great season and I look forward to season 4!

9.5 out of 10 from me!

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