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Blur - Game Review

George Dryburgh
George Dryburgh

  I just got a new laptop, so I've basically been catching up on all the gaming hours I missed out on while lumped with my apparently short-lived and obsolete system. One of the newest titles I've managed to get my hands on is the appropriately named Blur, a next generation battle racer. Odds are if you're reading this then you probably have a pretty decent gaming knowledge already, meaning that you're probably groaning right now at the mention of 'battle racer'. Trust me I know what you're thinking, it has been done TO DEATH, but before you dismiss Blur as one of the generic, poorly thought out titles whose producers were out to make quick money (If I say it enough will it become my own personal cliché?) just hear me out because to put it bluntly... Blur takes the typical battle racer genre and finally makes it cool again.

I love racing games, one of my favourites growing up was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and even though I only had the demo I used to play it for hours. My friends and I aren’t exactly hardcore gamers but we do a fair bit of gaming, and one of my friends doesn’t particularly like the racing genre. However a couple of years ago I introduced him to my copy of Burnout Revenge on PS2 and needless to say he loved it because of the battle aspects of the game. Now I’m a fan of this too, but for me racing games are all about the aesthetic; the sleek designer supercars and brilliantly engineered albeit boxy tuners that take you round corners at 185kph.

This is why Blur wins. Blending explosive yet refined action gameplay with speed and a delightful range of cars one could only dream of owning, Blur intelligently caters to a wide audience, having a little something for just about every racer fan.

            Blur of course has the traditional explosive gameplay you’d expect from a battle racer. There are powerups placed at intervals on the track for you to pick up, and you can collect up to three powerups at a time. These powerups range from the ‘barge’, a purple shockwave which blows away any competition in your vicinity, to mines that can be left at the apex of a corner for unsuspecting drifters or shot ahead for a forward mine hit. These powerups are what make Blur so entertaining and the diversity helps as the only downside is the lack of variety in the tracks. Don’t get me wrong, the tracks that are available are entertaining and well crafted and again manage appeal to fans of city speed battles or your traditional F1 race tracks; but they are repeated in multiple stages, so there is definitely an opportunity for a DLC pack later on.

            Blur brings a new look to the classic battle racer genre, transforming fire and twisted metal into sleek and speedy top range models and energy weapons. Like I said, Blur has a little something for everyone and will provide the average gamer with several hours of entertainment in single player mode alone before players venture online to make their mark on the leaderboards.

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