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Boom Blox Bash Party Review

Adrian Hatwell
Adrian Hatwell

The Steven Spielberg-conceived puzzler returns to the Wii with a direct sequel that is as welcome as it is obvious: More levels, more blox, more modes, more online features, more motion-tracking party game goodness.

While the Wii’s stolid library of casual games is often a point of criticism from dejected fans, the original Boom Blox is a game that sits happily in that category and I have found myself returning to it more than any other. Its basic gameplay is an easy hook for non-gamers and balanced multiplayer modes make it a perfect party game for a mixed crowd, the inevitable sequel is a pleasant excuse to revisit the game once more.

The basic concept behind Boom Blox is very simple; each level is comprised of a bunch of coloured blocks and each player is tasked with knocking them all down/blowing them all up/ yanking them all out/etc. Just why it took the blockbusting super-mind of Steven Spielberg to come up with such a design I don’t know, but it works brilliantly and remains essentially unchanged for Bash Party.

The game delivers over 400 new levels, a handful of new game modes, and the option of building and sharing your own unique level designs. The stages exhibit that same gentle slope from child’s play to devilishly difficult scenarios as the original, though some now involve the added complexities of environmental hazards, such as flailing octopus tentacles.

The simplistic shooting levels of Boom Blox, easily the game’s least enticing feature, have been replaced by the much superior slingshot and cannon modes for Bash Party. An added co-op multiplayer mode makes grinding through levels a little breezier but the game’s main draw is still in its addictive competitive sections.

The addition of user-generated content and the ability to download new levels online brings the series, in one lithe step, to the forefront of console relevance, heaping on potential to an already accomplished game.

If you own a Wii you should already have Boom Blox, and if you own Boom Blox you should already have played it so frequently that you’re desperate for new content, and you should definitely pick up Boom Blox Bash Party. If you’ve come to any other outcome you’re doing it wrong.

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