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Boyled Over - Pushing Susan Over The Edge

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Dyani Ellwood
Dyani Ellwood
Susan Boyle

In the past week I have been sent the YouTube link to view Britain's latest singing sensatio, Susan Boyle, five times.  The first time, yes, I went and had a squiz at what all the fuss was about - go Susan! The second, third, fourth and fifth times I was instructed to 'get a look at this' - I was totally over it- been there, done that.

Yes she's got a great voice, yes she's not your 'A Typical' star, yes she's got that innocent-down-to-earth nature that we rarely see in show biz, and yes she's obviously comfortable in her skin - got all that?

But, to be brutally honest, I'm feeling for Susan, because eventually somethings got to give.  She's become an overnight international star, pulled from her humble surroundings and thrust into a world that aint going to kindly giggle over those hefty eyebrows for much longer.  I mean, for goodness sake, there's already a website that you can turn to for a Susan Boyle make-over - please!

The world maybe ready for Susan Boyle, and she may be taking her newfound celebrity status on the chin for now, but I wonder what it is we're (the public) going to drive her to in the end.  Will it be an overdose of plastic surgery five years down the track? Will it be a younger toyboy who'll eventually convince her to stop caring for her parents and move far away from her home town?  Will it be a second cousin, a distant family member that contacts someone in the media world and opens up about the 'Truth Behind Susan' becasue we, the public, need to know more about this dark little horse? Or will she eventually head down the familiar line of sex, drugs and rock'n roll because quite simply it's probably going to be harder avoiding it all - easier to join the party.

What ever the culprit behind her enevitable demise, I hope she cash's in on some decent kai while she's still in her right mind - no excuse not to indulge on fabulous cuisine if you come into money.  And let's face it, it's not like she appears to be overtly obsessed with becoming the next Posh Spice - not yet anyway.

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