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Chickenhawk- A. Or Not? E.P Review

Earl Ho
Earl Ho

Chickenhawk are an exciting experimental/progressive metal band from Leeds, UK who have just released their second release the weirdly titled "A. Or Not" E.P today, which follows their debut album "S/t" released last year. Their exciting mash of heavy guitars, loud pounding drums, strange sonic soundscapes, and complex arrangements have put them in the spot light, even being named ones to watch by the UK Metal Underground. This E.P sees the dabbling in a new direction while still maintaining their original knack of heavy, blistering riffs and a all out sonic assault. 

"I hate this do you like it", starts with a wild, frantic guitar riff which sounds more like a synthesiser malfunctioning which then quickly progresses into a fast-paced riff based song, which carries similarities with Queens of the stone age, and their blend of solid riffs and melody. The chorus sees the song develop into another phase with a change in tempo and dynamics, and after the second chorus we see the more experimental side of Chickenhawk come into fruition, with the crazy intro riff coming back in acting as somewhat of a guitar solo followed by a new set of rhythms and riffs blended together by a band who are extremely tight.

The second track "Son of Cern" continues to show their ability to create complex arrangements and keeps the adrenalin high by keeping the tempo high.. The melodies have an uneasiness to them which keeps the listener on the edge. The song much like the first develops with a change in dynamics and tempo and this one even has a key change, which keeps the song interesting, however, it does take a few listens to truly appreciate all the things going on. 

The Last track keeps the flow of the E.P and by now the listener has realized that this E.P is just one block of chunky, heavy, and articulate metal and unlike an album there isn't room to slow things down. "NASA VS ESA" is very much in the same vein as previous two songs, with the verse especially sounding a lot like "Son of Cern" with a similar style riff, however,  again this band seems to surprise me with where the song develops to; as what seems like the voices children come blazing through the speakers providing backing vocals and with the gigantic wall of heavy guitars juxtaposing, it is a weird and unusual sound. 

This E.P is full of surprises and Chickenhawk are not your usual Metal band but then again i suppose their is a niche of unusual metal bands, such as, progressive and experimental so yes they are your usual progressive/experimental metal band. This E.P does take a few listens to get into but with only 3 songs to listen to it won't take long and by no time you will be loving it.

7/10 on details to purchase

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