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Code Of Conduct Changes On Xbox Live - OK To Be Gay

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Julie Gray
Julie Gray

The code of conduct changes to Xbox Live has stirred up alot of interest online. What do gamers in New Zealand think about the new changes? As far as I'm concerned, the changes are welcome - I don't particularly care whether a gamer is gay, straight, male, female, black or white. It has very little impact on how I will continue to play games online. I suppose it all comes down to liking people for who they are rather than what they represent in relation to race, creed or sexual preference.

Would you stop someone from playing in your clan if they were gay - even if they were the best player? Would you stop playing with someone you had added as a friend if they suddenly revealed in their profile that they were bisexual? And what about parents and their children online - some parents may find this level of freedom of expression offensive to their children who play games.

I think there are definite pros and cons - it's great that Microsoft are allowing for people to express themselves this way in their profiles but it also opens up a can of worms in terms of harrassment and such online. Although it's not quite the same, as a female gamer, I've come across my fair share of prejudice, sexism and harrassment online when playing games on Xbox Live. I've found the best way to counteract this is to play with friends or people you trust and make use of the party mode as often as you can. Since this has been introduced on Xbox Live, I've encountered problems alot less often but it won't stop people who have an issue from harrassing you in other ways. And that's a real concern.

But it's definitely a positive step, especially if you're like the unfortunate gamer "Richard Gaywood" who had his gamertag banned for having the word 'gay' in it. Thanks to the change in policy, you should be all good now.

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