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Devil's Triangle

Scott Newman
Scott Newman

One of the greatest mysteries in the world lies in between the coastlines of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Still to this day many a ship's master or experienced pilot will go nowhere close to the Bermuda Triangle area. I want to take a look at this strange area and open this case up again.

There have been thousands of well documented incidents within the area known as the Devil's Triangle. The ocean in which the Triangle is located is still one of the most heavily sailed shipping lanes in the world.

The experts say that the amount of ships and planes that have crashed or gone missing in this area is about the same or less than most other area in the world. Marking the triangle as a myth for crafts to disappear or go lost. There have been many reporting's of compass/navigation equipment playing up becoming wildly inaccurate, strange clouds and lights in the skies, a different colour to the ocean of either white or green? Poor weather causing critical damage to the ships.

The more famous mysteries are the disapperance of flight 19 in December 1945. An entire squadron of bombers went missing on a training run in the Bermuda Triangle. To make matters worse the 13man rescue aircraft went missing trying to find out what happened to the bombers. Still, to this day the Navy has not revealed the wreckage or final destination of the flight. Famous ships that have gone missing were the USS Cyclops (1918) which is the biggest loss of American lives in the Navy not including wartime. Also the Japanese vessel Raifuku Maru (1925) went missing with the distress signal of "Danger like Dagger now, come quick!" Could it be Japanese slang for something else or miss-interpretation?

These are just a few famous incidents.  I remember reading books about the Triangle when I was younger. The curiosity I had over the Bermuda Triangle was that it was also a UFO hotspot. The Steven Spielberg movie Close Encounters of the third kind also featured the recovery of flight 19 and the pilots in the Hollywood blockbuster movie. There have been plenty of ghost ship stories, the biggest being the Mary Celeste (1872) where the entire ship's crew had disappeared and everything on board was still in its place not even a chair turned over. (Dismissing pirates or abandoning ship) It remains one of the greatest maritime mysteries. The Ship had sailed via the Devil's Triangle.  David Copperfield (Famous illusionist magician) also had a show in 1988 testing the area. (Creating interest back in the phenomenon)

There are still cases reported today as this area is a main travel route of aircraft and ships today. Most of the incidents still report problems with equipment and sighting strange gases in the atmosphere giving poor visibility. What do you think is going on in this infamous devil's sea in the triangle? Is this all a big myth for poor navigation or a genuine mystery yet to be determined?

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