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Do You Believe?

Scott Newman
Scott Newman

There have been millions of reported UFO sightings worldwide since the 1940's.  Cases of close encounters with aliens. The infamous Roswell Incident where there was an object which crashed with an autopsy done on the aliens which had died. (Is the video autopsy fake?) Why has there still been no evidence to support that we may not be alone in the universe after all?

It is a mystery that one hopes can be explained in the rest of our lifetime. It would be very naive to think that in the "infinite" universe we are the only race and planet that has inhabitants. (Wouldn't it?)

Can so many people have gotten it wrong? Witnessed an unexplainable event and told the tale to many others. Are they crazy people with wild imaginations (too many movies) or just people like you or I?  Isn't it amazing that still to this day reports of UFO sightings go on with plenty of documents and not enough answers?

Take Area 51 for example, (in Nevada, U.S.A) some think that it is a site for testing technology to advance the military. Others say it is a UFO hotspot where strange on-goings happens. Either way it is a highly protected land that can have no observation taken. There must be something good there to hide?

Project Blue Book contains an archive of UFO cases for over 20 years in the US Air force which had experts from around the world investigating and trying to make sense of how so many well reputable people had made such reports. Around the world various countries have official groups where reports are made of any paranormal kind.

Almost all of the famous Alien Abduction real life stories have been made into movies with the most famous of them being Betty & Barney Hill's abduction. Whilst coming home from a holiday in their car, they experienced lost time. Through hypnosis they recounted a fantastic story of being taken onboard a craft and put through tests. They made no effort to seek publicity after their event happened in 1961.

New Zealand has had its fair share of strange lights in the skies with the Kaikoura Lights in 1978. Strange Lights were tracked by radar and witnessed by pilots and onlookers with brilliant lights travelling across the night sky then disappearing.

Hollywood and Television have made UFO's, aliens & the paranormal popular ( into franchises) with famous science fiction shows  The X-Files, Star Trek, Dr Who, V & Buck Rogers all popular culture shows over the last 60 years. Even computer games & movies have based a lot of imagination from the phenomena.

One thing that does make sense is that if we do come to communicate to other life then hope that through all of our lessons in history we do not try and destroy them like we do to ourselves. (Unless they watched War of the Worlds or Independence Day.)

People will believe what they want to believe you can decide for yourself.

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