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DVD Review – 7 Signs Of The Apocalypse

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Like Mike

This month was a bit sparse with my choices for DVDs to review, so I decided to pick a couple based on biblical prophecies, and this DVD was the first one for me to check out.

“Are there real, verifiable connections between the prophecies of the past and what is happening in the world right now? Are the signs of the apocalypse happening?”

The History Channels '7 Signs of the Apocalypse' ended up being a pretty hard thing to watch, as it juxtaposed the scientific and religious viewpoints of various disasters, which meant there was a healthy dose of religious nutterey going on. One of the worst lines was, 'God doesn't need science to destroy the world, but if he needs a gamma ray to get the job done right, then he'll use it'. *sigh* Must say I'm pretty disappointed in The History Channel for this one, as it seemed like it was purely made to hype up a subject for entertainment purposes, and the actual educational value was left by the wayside.
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