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DVD Review – BBC, The Code

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Like Mike

I’ve always been a big fan of maths, numbers, stats, ancient history and the mysteries of the universe. So growing up was awesome for me as all those things seemed to be intricately tied into each other, which was a nerd boy fantasy for me! So with my job as a film reviewer, I always try and get my hands on the latest documentaries about these subjects, and when I saw ‘The Code’ come up on my list I thought it seemed to have brought all my loves together into one nice package!

"The Code is a three-part TV series about maths in the world around us, presented by Marcus du Sautoy, that aired in July 2011. Why do bees make hexagonal honeycomb? Who is in charge of the flight of a flock of swallows? How can dozens of wrong answers make a correct one? The secret lies in The Code..."

Well it was damn interesting, and looked into our world and how it's controlled by maths, from the shapes and forms that surround us, to the potential foretelling of future events. It won’t solve any mysteries for you, but it sure will inform you of the crazy world around us. Well worth checking out!
A+ From Me!!!

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