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DVD Review – Green Berets, 2 Weeks In Hell

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Like Mike

Often when watching war movies and documentaries you wonder how these guys can get through such extraordinary situations, both physically and mentally, intact. Well, often they don’t, which I guess is something to think about, but for the ones that do and seem to thrive on such a lifestyle, must mean they have a certain type of mindset to be able to cope. When you take that to the next level, to the various Special Forces of the world’s armed forces, you think there must be an even smaller number of those people who can take that next step up to an even harder physical and mental challenge such as they must be put through in their job. What better way to show this than seeing the actual course these men must take! Not to become Special Forces, but only the first stage they must go through to allow them to move onto the next stage on the path of becoming a Special Forces soldier.

“Over 14 days, a candidate's true character is exposed through physical and mental challenges. Discovery Channel was granted special access to document this grueling test of wills and wits from the inside for TWO WEEKS IN HELL. The Green Berets rely on creative, innovative, and stealthy tactics to destabilize an enemy from within a hostile environment. A Green Beret candidate may think he's the right man for the job, but the Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) will find out. The selection process is a brutal test designed to mentally and physically smash men down to their core.”

Well, if you want to make yourself feel really good about being able to sit at home warm and dry, not vomiting from physical excretion, and being able to eat and sleep when you want, then this is the show for you. It doesn’t matter how physically or mentally tough you are, these courses are designed specifically to break every single person, and boy does it work. So much so, I’m surprised as many people got through it as they did and they tend to have a 50% fail rate with each two week course. When you see what they actually go through, I would have thought somewhere around 70% or 80% would have been more likely. This was a really cool insight into this world and makes me very glad I never have to put myself through such an ordeal!

8.5 out of 10 from me.

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