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DVD Review – History Of The World In Two Hours

Like Mike
Like Mike

'History Of The World In Two Hours' was a damn good watch, and seeing it all squeezed together in such a quick time makes you realize how everything is so intrinsically connected, from the beginnings of the universe till today.

“From the formation of the earth and the emergence of life, to the advance of man and the growth of civilization, the CGI-driven special History Of The World In Two Hours offers viewers a rapid-fire view of 14 billion years of history - an epic story that reveals surprising connections to our daily lives."

It also reminds me why history and learning from the past is so important, as not learning from our mistakes, or knowing what are the right or wrong ways of doing things, would make living in the 'now' or the 'moment' be like fumbling in the dark hoping like hell you don't step on a rake that smacks you in the face. Well worth checking out for the lazy peps who don't want to know too much about history, rather just broad strokes of it.

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